Home Closed Beta Ends soon; Tons of third party support.

The SixthAxis writes:
"According to the official Japanese SCEJ site, the current closed Home Beta is due to end in a matter of weeks, presumably then opening up the final 1.0 version to a wider public. Additionally, here's a list of companies that have signed up as partners for Home, providing content, spaces etc..."

Hit the link for the full list of companies

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BrunoM3572d ago

Well as long as it comes il be happy ...

I (and every other ps3 owner) have waited 2 years for these i dont see why any of us would die if we wait 1 or 2 more months ... is not like i wont be busy .. LBP R2 SvsR09 ETc...

Jamegohanssj53571d ago

Oh I can't wait to hand you your ass in SD v R 2009 >_>.


PopEmUp3571d ago

handed to both of you but in pro evo I think you guys should be ready to hand it back lol

BrunoM3571d ago

AHAH Jame i want to see that on SvR09 .. JUST BRING IT jabrony ... lol...

and as far as pro evo goes lol.. i dont kno about that i came from europe and its my soccer game not fifa... so come bring it lets play heheh ...

damn these next months are gona hurt my banck account.. lol

thewhoopimen3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

Interesting Square isn't in the list... but this shows strong signs of support from third party developers. In fact, it's a pretty daring undertaking, and it shows a lot of confidence on the part of the publishers, that we the consumers/fanboys don't see.

They must all be sold on Sony's long term concept of HOME in order to come together and invest their time and programming teams to develop this virtual world. I am amazed that given the "supposed" dark news of sales being eclipsed by the so called "competition" that they choose to take on this big project. In fact what this tells me is that the third party publishers all see Sony as the long term player in this arena and a winner if not THE winner. The news is rosy from an industry standpoint. Think of this as the equivalent of Apple signing up most of the major/minor music labels. It requires a high level of cooperation and teamwork to make a system of this complexity happen. Definitely even more so than Apple Itunes store "ripping" and hosting AACs.

Sony is definitely winning the hearts of publishers.

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dro3571d ago

im having problems connecting my ps3 on psn, it keeps on saying erro code 80710092 or server timed out. i called sony but they are not picking up, pls some one pm me if u know how to fix the problem.

juuken3571d ago

You could try testing your connection?

Not sure, but you should go to the forums for that.

dark loard3571d ago

i've got the same prob add it last nite still cant connect

slave2Dcontroller3571d ago

But I just logged out and logged back in. I will see if mines is working. Maybe Sony is uploading a bunch of TGS stuff to the Network?

slave2Dcontroller3571d ago

I'm able to connect. I live in Los Angeles. I guess this is only affecting certain areas.

DeforMAKulizer3571d ago

Dont worry man, im getting that error from time to time too...
Maybe they are updating their servers without taking them off, or it might simply be huge stress on PSN, cause lots of people in LBP and Home checking out uncharted... I think itll be fixed soon... =D

FrankenLife3571d ago

Mine did that for a little while. It turned out to be the router's fault. Until I buy a new router I just plug my ps3 directly into the modem.

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slave2Dcontroller3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

I'm not in a rush for it though. LBP will be stealing a GR8 deal of my time. That and work.

dale13571d ago

i got this problem last night and this morning just unplugged the router and it seems to work,the browser was fine but the playstation network was the problem.
edit same error code appeared strange

n4gzz3571d ago

i guess they are getting to release open public beta for everyone.

slave2Dcontroller3571d ago

Did I miss something though? They added the Uncharted Area to HOME???

DeforMAKulizer3571d ago

Yup =D And its awesome... Full with a mystery regarding finding a key to open doors =D
It was a bit crowded though, but excellent!

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