DICE “Would Have Loved” If Progression System Hadn’t Impacted Battlefront II Review Scores

The developer offers its comments on the Star Wars Battlefront
II review scores being impacted by the game's progression system.

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NewMonday396d ago (Edited 396d ago )

Gamers: “Would Have Loved” If Progression System Hadn’t Impacted our wallets.

WilliamSheridan395d ago

Sadly the only thing that probably stopped them is this "investigation".

fiveby9395d ago

I imagine these investigations caught the eye of Disney who in turn had a talking to with EA. So now EA is scrambling to somehow preserve their MT system and not appear to be exploitative with children.

395d ago
fenome395d ago

Emily works for EA, get her!

showtimefolks395d ago (Edited 395d ago )



Diffraction_Fos395d ago

They can have a 10/10 review from me. Its just that I'm keeping it locked behind one of my billion loot boxes. Wanna try your luck, DICE? Only $20 per box.

Jamesx82x395d ago

It sucks that all of DICE's hard work into creating BF2 got smacked around in reviews because of a decision that was no doubt EA's but that is the nature of the beast and if reviewers had not done so people would be claiming pay offs by EA. Someone has to look out for consumers and in the market the only people who can do that are reviewers because publishers are only looking at their bottom line.

RememberThe357395d ago

Would things have been so bad if they would have avoided the random progression and just laid out a clear path (like every other game they've made)? I mean, in reality I can deal with MTs in a game I love but random progression sort of defeats the purpose of progression all together.

NewMonday395d ago


well said! price value should be a primary part of the overall score

fenome394d ago (Edited 394d ago )


Yeah but DICE intentionally developed this game like this though. Yes, I know EA pays them and they have to do as They're told but I think it's good that they get humbled a bit for this whole situation.

It really just sucks that EA holds the rights to so many great IPs and has so much talent under them and this is the crap they come up with. Can you imagine the games we could be getting if they just allowed somebody to really pour their heart into something?

They could change their image and the whole gaming landscape in a positive way instead of a negative one. Unfortunately money talks and the execs don't actually care about games. They just care about that bottom line and they'll obviously do anything to maximize profits. Hopefully they end up shooting themselves in the foot and fall off a cliff as far as I'm concerned. I'm not paying them to get richer, I've got bills too.

1nsomniac394d ago

@fiveby9 you think Disney has a problem with exploiting children??

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RommyReigns395d ago

Are you an employee of EA?

Jinger395d ago


No, but why? Did i say something incorrect? How does progression effect your wallet?

ThatDudeMunkee395d ago

It actually does affect the gameplay, @Jinger. It affects every aspect of the game, which is why it's a controversy in the first place, and was even the cause behind Mass Effect: Andromeda's multiplayer sucking. I wasn't going to shell out 15-20 dollars for a CHANCE to get a character or an upgrade of the character I had.

Same goes for Overwatch or any game. I don't buy loot crates. They're just a cheap way to scalp money off players in a casino-like fashion. A fashion that dictates rewards by offering little gain over the monetary value of the crate itself.

It's a problem and we as a community are fed up. We've lashed out in protest and we don't seem to be backing down as a community.

Jinger395d ago


No, see, that's your WALLET effecting PROGRESSION.

what he said was I wish the progression didn't effect our wallets. Insinuating that you HAVE to pay to progress. Which is simply inaccurate.

RommyReigns395d ago


Don't bother trying to reason with this member of EA Defence Force, obviously a shill trying to justify microtransactions, lootboxes and other stuff designed to fleece the wallets of gamers and exploit little kids who don't know better.

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PapaBop395d ago

Even if you take out the p2w elements of the progression system, it's still really really bad. Being rewarded with rng loot crates which may or may not benefit the class you just pumped 20 hours into? That's just stupid. Even after they removed the ability to buy them with real money, I hope reviewers still lay into them for their stupid progression system.

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XiNatsuDragnel396d ago (Edited 396d ago )

I would of loved it if you didn't have these lootboxes in your game. But all can not be happy can we?

darthv72395d ago

Would that be directed at Dice or EA? I wouldnt think any dev would purposely put in such things but the publisher would. Dice gets paid for their work based on what they are contracted for. EA gets paid by the consumer so it seems more their style to push the MT/LB narrative instead of Dice.

Sunny_D395d ago

An independent Dev can easily decide to do the same if they wanted to. It’s all about money, and most companies will want to squeeze as much as they can out of the consumer.

Mikelarry395d ago (Edited 395d ago )

I was reading on a different forum and one of the former Activision and EA head mentions that some of the most egregious anti consumer BS actually comes from the dev and the publishers can sometime be the one to push back and the big ol evil pubs are not always the EVIL PUB.


darthv72395d ago

Yeah that is true of independent devs because many of which do their own publishing so that makes sense in that respect. But Dice isnt an independent dev. EA as the publisher is more or less calling the shots. Which is why they were able to flip the switch so quickly.

In many cases, the devs have no say unless they want to take their project and find another publisher and risk all they have worked for up to that point.

fiveby9395d ago

@Mikelarry I like to think DICE is the good guy here and caught in the crosshairs. But I think that's a bit rose-colored glasses. To think nobody at DICE is partly to blame is probably naive. Probably many of the artists, writers, coders, tests, etc at DICE are just gamers too and delivered top-notch performance in their area of expertise. But clearly, someone at DICE devised this progression system. What a shame. How disappointing. EA's platitudes about free DLC etc etc many months ago was all just a ruse.

Diffraction_Fos395d ago

I don't believe even for a second that developers are completely innocent in these kind of situations. People love to put all the blame on the publishers, which in many cases may be true, but I tend to believe that developers are not the completely innocent and helpless sheep that some gamers make them out to be. Sure, the publishers will rightly shoulder the majority of the blame, but I can't help but fault the developers to a certain extent as well.

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UnHoly_One395d ago

Would have, not would of.

Mr Marvel395d ago

Agreed. It always annoys me when people make this mistake.

blacktiger394d ago

Amazing you actually have time to correct. Incase you didn't know no one cares because internet is changing the communication of English

Bahamut394d ago

Thank you. So many people are tards and screw this up.

UnHoly_One394d ago (Edited 394d ago )

Yes blacktiger, the internet is making people more ignorant.

I won't argue with you on that one at all.

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TankCrossing396d ago

From the admittedly small amount of time I've played on the EA Access trial, it feels very much 'pay 2 gamble 2 win'.

Ittoittosai395d ago (Edited 395d ago )

That's cause it is. Ubisoft used them in Assassins creed origins and called them even in the online story....time savers. Thats what EA wants people to believe their bullshit lootbox system is "time saver"

394d ago
Jinger395d ago

That's funny because I have played 10 hours of the trial and I feel the opposite.

Elwenil395d ago

Considering your comment history, you look like a shill from EA so I doubt anyone is going to take anything you say seriously.

Jinger395d ago


Yes I'm an EA shill oooOOOOooo I created this account a while ago awaiting this day to sit here and defend BFront 2 and EA.

Fact is, I have played it, I have experienced it, I know exactly what the p2w model does and how star cards effect gameplay and its pretty insignificant.

andrewsquall395d ago

@Elwenil No, ginger is clearly another Xbox fan by default and the only reason he is defending this is because the only console manufacturer that comes close to this EA level of nonsense is, of course, Microsoft. Admitting that this is bad would mean admitting that its inclusion in Forza 7 is also bad, its simply not going to happen.

Jinger395d ago


Lol just stop. No one is even talking about MS and your fanboy ass had to shove it in. You're embarrassing.

datriax395d ago

Maybe because you have s**t between your ears? I'm thinking so.

Liqu1d395d ago

Before EA removed MTs you could pay real money to gamble for advantages. That's a fact.

rainslacker395d ago (Edited 395d ago )

Well when you play 400 hours, and only have about 10% of the content, let us know how you feel then.


He's not a shill, he's just a troll. He'll take a contrary opinion to anything that gets people riled up.

RememberThe357395d ago

If that's really the case this is one sad fella.

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AspiringProGenji396d ago

Well done reviewers! Don’t let them get away with it

Rimeskeem396d ago

That's your damn fault!

Next time don't make the progression system based on my money!