Snake and Sephiroth to be 'sold for download'

The official SCEI report states that both the 'Old Snake' and 'Sephiroth' costumes will be sold for download on the Playstation Store worldwide.

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Silogon3543d ago


I knew it! I posted that entry well before all of this. Man, I'm good. I should be infamous < I think. Maybe? awta hell with it.

alexM3543d ago

LBP will get 100% from 99% of the websites and at meta

there are millions who would pay any amount for LBP

It is not that tag will affect any sales

ur blog has no value cuz its crap

LBP is the second coming of messiah--accept it and move on

JOLLY13543d ago

So it's not just Microsoft trying to milk franchises. I saw more power to them. I wonder if they will have Littlesackboy horse armor too.

chasuk083543d ago

You cant expect sony to give everything away for free

Lanoire3543d ago

Im buying on day one, fool. Up your finances cos its pathetic if you cant afford a DLC for 1 dollar.

PopEmUp3543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

so is this LBP 1 or is it 2 cause I never heard of there a sequel of it before, hey why I do even care oh well

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BrunoM3543d ago

humm i see ... but then again only who ants it buys it .. so im ok with it .. my sack boy can keep looking like a sack boy im ok with it lol...

sonarus3543d ago

It would have been nicer if you were rewarded a code for doing something in MGO and then that code could be used to download mgs sack boy. Same thing for FFXIII. Paying for sackboy is almost as low as selling themes sony

BrunoM3543d ago

i agree with almost all u just said .. but then again the codes are gona be for the HOME thing . i think ..

like wen u get 25% 50%75% 100% of a games trophyes u get something to use at HOME .. like a Tshirt a tabble W.E it mai be ..

but like i said all in all is ok only who wants it will buy it im ok with my sack Boy looking like that i kinda like it .. damn lil thins always get a laugh out of me lol..

Fishy Fingers3543d ago

Well it's just like Pain and their charged for character. Don't think it's worth it, don't buy them. As long as it doesn't effect the actual game your not missing anything by saving your money.

dro3543d ago

im having problems connecting my ps3 on psn, it keeps on saying erro code 80710092 or server timed out. i called sony but they are not picking up, pls some one pm me if u know how to fix the problem.

Proxy3543d ago

Another instance of DLC before the game even releases. Mine as well put it on the disk and sell a 10kb unlock code for 5$.

I wont buy it, I'll just make my own snake sackboy with the "build anything, do anything" LBP world. Unless, you can't really do as much as you would think?

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BrunoM3543d ago

Alex as much as i mai not agree with him most of the times ... he can say what he likes and so can you ... so lets not start with stupid coments now .. becasue silogon likes LBP after all .. so yeah .. but what i really think read my coments on the Gamer Zone ..

Fishy Fingers3543d ago

I'm not one for buying DLC that has little effect on the actual game. But I'll pay for a Sackboy Snake. He look's rad.

n4gzz3543d ago

I am always against buying DLC. This one is no exception except Warhawk.

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