TGS: Xbox 360 Sales Up 62 % In Europe

Microsoft has revealed more sales data during its keynote speech at Tokyo Game Show, revealing that sales of the Xbox 360 system have jumped 62 percent since the latest round of price cuts.

All three 360 SKUs – Arcade, Premium and Elite – were reduced in price last month, with the Arcade console now the cheapest current gen hardware on the market.

According to John Schappert, corporate vice president of software and services for Xbox, sales of the system in Japan have increased five-fold year-on-year.

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TheColbertinator3513d ago

Thats a lot of people that "jumped in"

sonarus3513d ago

True but aren't they like less than 100 pounds now? A short run sales bump of 60% despite a significant price drop is kinda weak imo. But its still bragging rights i guess

green3513d ago

The arcade is 139pds not less than 100pds.

jaysquared3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

"True but aren't they like less than 100 pounds now? A short run sales bump of 60% despite a significant price drop is kinda weak imo. But its still bragging rights i guess"

I can understand where your coming from. I believe last year after Sony did their desperation price drop after only 6 months in the market sales of the PS3 jumped by like 100%+... But then again the PS3 was only selling like 10k a month in N. America so even after it jumped that much it was still being outsold by the 360. I know the PS3 currently have more console sold in the EU but the 360 sales wasn't as horrible as the PS3s after it launched so a 62% increase in sales is defenitely good for M$.

green3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

That is a promotion done by Sainsbury's and nothing to do with Microsoft to try and boost their image as not just a business in the food service sector but one that appeals in the Videogame retail sector.

You do know that in August Zavvi was selling PS3's for 240pds for 5 days but somehow it was not advertised.All store's do it and as the gaming sector continues to defy the credit crunch, expect more stores that are not typically associated with videogames to offer such deals to lure gamers.

Anyway the Sainsbury's promotion ends on Sunday.

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Silogon3513d ago

Not good to hear if you're sitting behind a Sony desk. I have a feeling lots more will change for Sony this year coming up and Insomnaic going multiplatform is one of those changes.

alexM3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

Plus its more UK oriented

PS3 still outsold x360 weekly

Otherwise MS would have mentioned that

excepting UK x360 doesnt sell anywhere in europe and it is 1/3 the price as a PS3

lots morer changed???
Tecmo gone PS3 exclusive.

will x360 even remain in the market after LBP's release --thats a major concern

MS doest have any trump card since they already dropped the price to Ps2's level in both europe/Japan

just pray that x360 survives the LBP/Resistance 2 onslaught which might not happen



an x360 costs just 100 pounds or 100 euro in Europe/UK

and still PS3 outsells x360

PS3 outsold x360 in LTD sales in europe back in MARCH

the sales diff will only grow wider

xhi43513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

Insomniac going multiplat.......what the hell?

lol your sad mate. Theres a reason you have two bubbles and were banned from the gamerzone.

But I do agree with you, I also have a feeling lots more will change for Sony this year AND next year with the release of HOME, Resistance 2, Motorstorm, Little Big Planet, Quantum Theory, Team ICO game, War Devil, Killzone 2, God of War 3, the 11 unannounced games, Heavy Rain, Wipeout HD, Demon Souls, White Knight Chronicles, Gran Turismo 5 just to name a few.

@below....i pity the fool.

Silogon3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

What kind of fantasy world do you live in where Tecmo goes Ps3 exclusive and Ps3 outselss the xbox 360? I live in reality. sometimes I don't like it, but the reality here is Sony is losing. On all fronts and regions and bad.

I like Sony, I really do. They're, believe it or not, my main console of choice. I love my xbox 360, but I'd rather boot up my ps3 instead a lot of times... With all of that said, the truth is I can't turn my back on facts. I am a truthful, opinionated guy and everyone here hates me for it. I can snide remakr Sony and then turn around and bite Microsofts hand in the same breath, and this leads to confussion with a great deal of people here.

Edit to xh1

No, not Bbull $#ITTing, man. Giving you my opinion. Ted Price will announce an Insomniac game for the xbox 360 next year at GDC. Wait and see and remember this post when you do.

alexM3513d ago

hey garbage sucker

where in europe does x360 sell besides UK??

even Star wars bombed on X360 in europe

even FIFA 09 couldnt chart anywhere in europe except UK

x360 might have sold 20k . now thats like 30k

But still wont be close to 100k sales for PS3

as for TECMO

they announced QUANTUM THEORY exclusive for PS3 --first time ever tecmo announcing a PS3 exclsuive

DO u find x360 in any eu chart except UK????????????????????????

PLUS PES is coming up

cant believe the havoc it will unleash on x360 since everyone in europe will be buying it for PS3

wait and see????????????

2008 will be the last year of x360 in WW market

wanna bet on that???

x360 will become totally irrelevant after LBP's release

do u wanna bet on that?

JOLLY13513d ago

I am glad to see that now all 3 of the major regions are going green.

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xhi43513d ago

so there would be a jump of sales right? but in a month for 62% increase is as is expected, but what happens two months down the line? a year down the line? Can they maintain and GROW sales, do they have the software and hardware to increase and maintain the sales? Will they have enough room for more price cuts in the future?

think about it.

thor3513d ago

With its new low price point, and a lot of good games (multiplats count), the sales should remain quite high for the rest of the year. But the PS3 will probably still beat it in sales overall this year, despite being a lot more expensive. Remember, the PS3 can still be dropped in price to spur sales. Dropping the 360's price any further would not be a good move. I imagine they are making a loss on each arcade unit sold as it is (which they make up for with live subscriptions, games, wireless etc.).

kwicksandz3513d ago

Id say multi plats count double for 360 as in many PAL territories the PS3 version of a multi plat can be $10-20 more expensive than the 360 version.

Firstkn1ghT3513d ago

Looks like the 360 just increased its lead over the ps3. This will continue for awhile. Especially in the holiday season. So when is the ps3 supposed to catch up to the 360 when it's not winning every month???

Sarcasm3513d ago

If it catches up or don't catch up, what do you get out of this anyway?

Both systems are going to be around regardless. The 360 is offering great things the PS3 doesn't. And vice versa.

Immortal Kaim3513d ago

Your making a clear, rational statement mate... why are you here :)

In all serious, there is certainly room for multiple consoles in the market. We are seeing some great things from all companies because of strong competition, Im loving it.

GametimeUK3513d ago

because the ps3 will have a longer shelf life and recieve games even after theres none developed for the 360... Longer lifespan could = more total sales

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