Why Are Games Marketed toward Boys?

Why is it that video games are “for boys?” This is an issue I’ve touched upon many times in other articles I’ve written and one that I think needs serious discussion in gaming circles.

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NiteX395d ago

You really need to ask that multiple times? It's just the way it is. It's where the money is at. It's 90% of the gaming community. Wouldn't you market to the larger portion of your consumer base too?

HRoach616394d ago

Actually more recent polling suggests the ratio is closer to 40-60% female to male gamers. It’s close to 50/50 now anyway. But I think the reason why games are marketed mainly to males is because girls don’t actually care if they see a commercial for something more geared towards boys. If it’s aomethng they will like they will like it. But MOST males will get instantly turned off of something if it looks more like it’s a “girls thing”. Just the way it is.

Lukejrl394d ago

if your considered a gamer by buying one or 2 games every couple or years sure.
the hardcore girl gamers are out there but they are not big to make a dent.

ecchiless394d ago (Edited 394d ago )

That ratio takes mobile gaming in the equation, i never have see a fking commercial of a mobile game in my country.

And im talking about cell phones/tablets games, not vita or switch.

CorndogBurglar394d ago (Edited 394d ago )

I don't believe that for a second though. Not when nearly everyone you hear online is a male. Or when the vast majority of people you see in line buying games in stores are male.

Sure one could say that females tend to play more offline, or single player games. That could be a reason. But I would like to see the market research for how they came up with that number, because it sounds totally wrong.

Not that I'm saying you are wrong, mind you. I've heard this statistic before and I just don't believe it.

Also, Lukejrl makes a good point. What constitutes a gamer? Does someone buying a couple games a year and only playing on rare occasions count as part of that equation?

mikeslemonade394d ago

Also guys talk about games. Girls who play games don't really talk much about games to their friends.

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JohnnyPremo394d ago

Why did you just pick a number out of your ass like it was fact?

agent4532394d ago

Gaming was not made specifically for boys. Girls like to play Mario, Zelda, even freaking call of duty or Life is Strange . Gaming is entertainment not gender based. Were are the fat balding males lol

rainslacker393d ago

More specifically, a game is marketed towards it's target market. If that's mainly "boys"(males being the official term), then of course that's where most of the marketing will be.

Games that have a broader target audience that isn't specifically males, tends to have marketing that is gender neutral.

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-Foxtrot395d ago

It's the main audience...not sexist thing or anything it's just how it is. When games first started to take off even more with the NES you'd have that whole "boys and their video games" or the typical "nerdy boy" stereotype because that was who was mostly buying them. It didn't mean there wasn't any female gamers, of course there was but the ratio of it made them the minority. In my opinion the only reasons there's more female gamers today is how mainstream gaming has went, especially thanks to the Wii back in 2006 so of course the tide would have change but at its core males are the biggest target audience.

The problem is today developers and the like try and force diversity like the industry needs it but you can't force a certain group to get into gaming if they aren't. We are in the age where if someone, could be anyone, plays Angry Birds while on the bus or having a shit then they'd call themselves a "gamer" but ask them if they ever played Half Life, Thief, Grim Fandango, Super Metroid, an old school Final Fantasy title or even Metal Gear Solid for example and they'd probably not have a clue what most of them are. We even see articles, usually on here with headlines like "over half the gaming audience are female" or "more females spend time on video games then males" but reading the article it's based on hardly nothing, just crappy selective they are desperate to push some equality claim. That even goes into how the industry is called out for the lack of female developers but if there's not that many woman going to Uni to get video game degrees then what can you do? Can't force them into it...I'm sure people like Amy Hennig, Kim Swift, Carol Shaw, Jade Raymond or Robin Hunicke etc wern't persuaded over and over, being pushed to do gaming, they did it because they really wanted to and had a passion for it.

I say just let it happen, some things are mostly male dominated, some are's just choice.

agent4532394d ago

Ok can we just put aside gender bender bias. Women play videogames get over it.

-Foxtrot393d ago

See why do you have to get a little hostile over what I wrote

"BU BU BUT Woman play videogames...get over it"

I literally made sure I got that point through in my original comment, yeah they do play but my point is that the male audience will always be the main focus because it appeals to us more. Yeah great woman play video games but you can't pretend a shit load of them always played them when we had the NES and the like, it's only now being in the mainstream their is more playing.

rainslacker393d ago (Edited 393d ago )

Of course they do.

However, a lot of the AAA games that get the most marketing have a target market that is predominately male.

You don't see Star Wars movies being marketed towards old british women, because the biggest audience for the series is males age 15-35. You see them throwing in a female lead because they want to attract more women into the franchise, but that's a different issue.

But lets look at the Sim. That game's target market is predominately female, and the marketing and game design reflects that.

It's not about whether one genre dominates the market, it's that the game themselves are made for a specific market. When the female gamer proves that they will buy a AAA game that isn't the SIMs, then they'll get their own AAA style games in the same style....and I assume this entire article is about the big AAA games, because they're about the only one's marketed almost exclusively at males. Mobile games are either marketed towards females or kids. PC games go both ways depending on the game. Nintendo tends to be rather gender/age neutral and takes the pixar type marketing approach.

GameBoyColor394d ago

why are barbie dolls marketed towards girls?

MeteorPanda394d ago

it's...not the same. Games come in all shape and form, different genres and ratings..this girl cant find a game she likes so she thinks they're sexist. lol.

rainslacker393d ago

yes, but not all games are made for all target markets.

I mean, Dolls come in all shapes and forms too. GI Joe and Transformers are marketed towards males. Cabbage patch kids were gender neutral. My Little Pony is female. So on and so forth.

MeteorPanda392d ago

thats why my little pony has most of their fans being male?

Like what you want, l don't know why that concept is so hard to acknowledge. I realize as a girl it's much easier to ignore the whole 'this for boys that for girls' western marketing strategy than boys but games? Video games don't punish or ban you for playing the wrong sex.

It's like the shampoo brands calling their stuff for girls and boys but you read the back and it's the same shit and just more expensive for girls, just ignore all that.

Big_Game_Hunters394d ago (Edited 394d ago )

Because thats who buys the most non mobile/tablet games.

The market decides, not you, not me, not anita sarkeesian. Just the market.
Why don't you try asking marvel comics what happens when companies take it upon themselves to decide who their natural demographic is.

Profchaos394d ago

Because why only market to the minority

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