Guerrilla: Videogames Really Allow You To Do These Crazy Things Like Horizon: Zero Dawn

Guerrilla's Art and Animation Director Jan-Bart van Beek said that videogames allow developers to do crazy things like designing Horizon: Zero Dawn's world, unlike other mediums such as movies.

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ccgr28d ago

Crazy and originality are good things!

NewMonday28d ago

I want GG to take what they learned in game design, storytelling and destructibility and apply it into a Killzone reboot.

Alexious28d ago

Damn, that would be great. Though I think their previous games are underrated anyway.

An open world FPS set in Killzone's universe could totally rock with the expertise they got now.

KaiPow28d ago

If Far Cry can do it, Killzone certainly can too!

Toby_198128d ago

I want them to make the sequel even better

-Foxtrot28d ago

Open world Killzone? Hmm...could work

First person or maybe they'll let us switch between when we are in cover like Deus Ex

I would like to see a reboot. Maybe a ex soldier now family man on Earth in the suburbs then the Helghast attack and you have a story somewhere in all that. Something different to the generic soldier grunt they usually do.

UCForce28d ago

@Foxtrot What about Killzone Mercenary sequel ? That could work.

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ChristMustDie28d ago

Originally I didn't think much of this game when it was revealed at E3, but the final game really proved me wrong. Hopefully Guerrilla continue to make these games!

28d ago
rivaldoo77728d ago

Plz make the character more alive in your next game. Plz take note from Naughty Dog!!
This game didn't live up to my expectation. But I do think it was the best game regarding technical achievement tho.

Alexious28d ago

More alive in what way, exactly?

AspiringProGenji28d ago

He was probably dying to Scrappeds all the time so he is asking for a no-death mode

northpaws28d ago


It has improved a lot in the expansion, give it a go.

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The story is too old to be commented.