Here's a side-by-side comparison of Skyrim on Switch and Xbox One

PowerUp! - "We’ve been lucky enough to be playing Skyrim on Switch for the better part of the last week. Our full review will give you our impressions, but spoilers, it’s great. Obviously, it is. But, we wanted to see how the Switch version would compare to others."

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Foraoise269d ago

It looks the same... Wow.

Professor_K269d ago


You couldn't be more wrong!

Foraoise268d ago

Look at your downvotes and try again, asshole. Stop trolling.

Davidgr2269d ago

Docked 900p dynamic.. can drop to 720p and has low textures compared to Xbox One and PS4.
$59.99 on Switch
$24.99 on PS4/Xbox One

You pretty much pay more for less...

NoPeace_Walker269d ago (Edited 269d ago )

You pay for portability. LOL

I want to buy the game for my Switch but $60??? I'll rather buy Xenoblade X2 with that money.

Benjaminkno269d ago

THE switch version actually looks crisper than one.
XBox looks fuzzy
You can’t really beat handheld. SWitch is the definitive version if you don’t use mods

deafdani269d ago

Skyrim was also full price when it launched on PS4 and Xbox One. I expect the Switch version to drop its price eventually as well. I can wait.

Uken12266d ago

If you are so concerned about price, just wait for a price reduction. Not that hard.

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Cobra951269d ago

Why? We all know of the power disparity. A Harley will beat a Vespa too.

Now show me an Xbox One and a Switch with the game installed, side by side . . . on a moving bus. Which one looks better? Each system has its strengths and weaknesses. That's why the technically inferior Switch keeps flying off the shelves.