CD Projekt is Likely to Shy Away From Sequels in the Future

In an interview with Polish Investment website, Strefa Inwestorow, it has been hinted that we may see less sequels from CD Projekt going forward.

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PapaBop28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

On the eve of probably one of the most controversial game releases ever, it's always nice to hear about CD Projekt Red, these guys are one of the few top tier developers left that aren't bending over for greedy investors. They let their work do the talking and better still, are seeing a lot of success for it. I hope they always stay independent.

cfc8328d ago

Don't be gullible. Once they get to where they want to be, their practices will alter, just like rockstar. It's very obvious.

PapaBop28d ago

Until proven otherwise, I'll keep the faith in them, they've earned it with Witcher 3 and how they handled the DLC.

cfc8328d ago

Absolutely. I love the witcher, and CDPR have been fantastic. However, they're following the Rockstar model, and will therefore have similar practices down the line.

343_Guilty_Spark27d ago

Top tier? They are the best Dev by far

GeraltOfRevia28d ago

They're in a position now to be able to put everything and then some into their games so why would they need sequels ? The witcher 3 as much as I love it has given me everything I've wanted in that type of game so for me I'd rather them give me a completely different RPG game instead of a witcher 4. I expect the same from Cyberpunk 2077.

_-EDMIX-_28d ago

I hope Electronic Arts buys them so they have more money to fund more games.

_-EDMIX-_28d ago

I mean there are pretty big publisher they have enough money to fund pretty big projects and I wouldn't want Ubisoft to buy CD projekt Red or Activision to be quite honest.

pietro121228d ago

You mean screw them up like they did to Bioware... no thanks CD Project Red can find a better publisher if they decide to do so

Paytaa27d ago

Would rather do a cannonball, naked, on the handle of a plunger than have that ever happen

gtxgamer227d ago

Have you not seen the hate articles of EA the past few days!? Noone would want this. EA enjoys being a shitty company that doesn't care for its gamers nor the studios they close down.

_-EDMIX-_27d ago

You know a major publisher in gaming that has never close down a Studio if that underperformed?

Kun_ADR27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Lmao Edmix. What have you become buddy? If you’re not serious about this, please put /s in the end.

_-EDMIX-_27d ago (Edited 27d ago )


With all seriousness if I had to pick a publisher it would probably be either Sega or Sony. They have shown great leniency in regards to allowing developers to have a lot of creative freedom and room to create.

If anything I would hope that CD projekt Red is able to stay independent for a pretty long time while still being able to properly fund their Studio.

Dragonscale27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

They should stay independent tbh, ea are the last place they'd want to end up. I'm surprised anyone would think that's a good idea considering ea's reputation.

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cbuc112528d ago

I wouldnt mind a Witcher 1 and 2 Remaster however....with all new assets for current gen.

babadivad27d ago

Dude, I am SO for this!!!

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