Quantum Theory 'TGS 2008' trailer

Third person shooter goodness from the folks at Tecmo. Quantum Theory from Tecmo is coming to Sony's PS3.

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CEO of Troll Corp3512d ago

When you dont have to compress your game you end up with a high quality product

alexM3512d ago

BTW it comes from TECMO and its their first PS3 exclusive

I think DOA5/NG3 will be PS3 exclusives too

SixTwoTwo3512d ago

Anyone else getting an unreal tournament vibe?

SixTwoTwo3512d ago

i guess unreal tournament isn't popular here

n4gzz3512d ago

its more like gears copy. But who cares as long as game is good.

SixTwoTwo3512d ago

Thats what I'm sayin. People are takin my UT comparison the wrong way.

chanto233512d ago

a Gears kind of gameplay type mixed in there...

BrunoM3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

donno why but makes me think of gears .. but o well gears all in all is a good game .. (the only resson i got a 360) so looking like it is alirhgt hope its fun and if its fun i can care less if it looks like gears or mario on snes ..

MiloGarret3512d ago

I think its the fact that his neck is wider than his face that inspires UT/Gears feel. He looks like a pinhead, kinda like marcus fenix.
Anyway, hope its good, I like TECMO, good devs, hope they can keep up the good work without Itagaki and most of his team.

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Peter Griffin3512d ago

truly truly
keep it up Sony

SIX3512d ago

Sony finally gets there Gears or War. There I said it!

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The story is too old to be commented.