EA's greed is ruining Star Wars Battlefront II - and they'll get away with it

Despite enormous gamer outrage, Electronic Arts is not going to suffer any meaningful ramifications for their greed.

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thekhurg248d ago

Of course they'll get away with it. The game is going to sell millions of copies. Most gamers just can't stand not playing something new, regardless of whether or not it's screwing them.

JEECE248d ago

The expectations for this game are astronomical, based both on the success of the first game and the power of the license. Accordingly, this game can sell millions of copies and still be a failure compared to its expected sales.

Also, I think you are underestimating the effect the outcry has had in this instance. Even my casual friends who never read gaming news know about the issues with BF2 and are avoiding it.

Palitera248d ago (Edited 248d ago )

So, instead of selling 2.000.000 copies, it will sell 1.990.000 copies and make trucks of microtransactions money?
Such a loss!!!

It really reminds me about how people are stalking EA stock and, everytime it drop 0.01%, a new thread arises about "how investors are pulling their money away" or whatever people try hard to believe.

They are winning, easily. The AMA bought them time and, as I told even before the AMA, IGN and Gamespot are putting a nice paint to it, using the AMA quotes. This is so incredible that people actually believed that the AMA would be anything different than a PR stunt.

Also, the community still thinks DICE is their friends and had nothing to do with this (despite designing every little detail on the microtransactions and progression).

Yes, they lost some sales and damaged their image. But they will overcome it as they usually do.

PR. Gamers always fall for it.

shammgod248d ago

Exactly. Plus there a thousands of people that don't pay attention to news and have no clue about the controversy, rabid star wars fans, fans in need of a new shooter, the list goes on.

_-EDMIX-_248d ago

I know about the controversy I've read the articles and I don't even consider myself a major Star Wars fan and I'm still buying this game because I actually buy games for fun....

Soooo yea.

I could honestly tell you I've never in my entire life decided to not buy a game for a reason outside of the damn game itself in regards to fun.

That means you could hear me debate business practices from Microsoft Nintendo Ubisoft Activision Sony and so on but I'm still actually going to buy their games if they look fun

I'm a gamer first and foremost , I don't buy my games based on controversy, I'm not going to also deny games based on controversy.

_-EDMIX-_248d ago

You mean Gamers like to buy games to have fun?

So what's your solution? You're going to tell everyone how they should spend their money? 🤔🤔🤔

shammgod248d ago

You are part of the problem.

_-EDMIX-_248d ago (Edited 248d ago )

@sham - Lol

I know right how dare I spend my money to buy games that I like to play, I just feel so terrible using my own money that I work hard to earn to purchase things /s

Kun_ADR247d ago

You can use your money to buy turd for all we care. As for most of us, we don’t support this kind of business practice.


No. Some people will remember after this how shitty company ea is. I'm huge star wars fan and i have seen every movie since episode 3 on their release day and i watch all the movies every year. After i heard that these loot crates are not only cosmetics and are pay2win, it was clear to me that im not gonna pay for this game.

And after all this drama some people will not buy the game and people who buy the game will be a lot more cautious about loot crates and do not buy them. I have a feeling that this game will make a lot less money by loot crates for ea than they expected when they started developing this game and that is great.

Thanks for the press and youtubers for raising this whole thing in to the light.

TheMuffDiver248d ago

Thats right hoping this will shed some light on the awareness of p2w. The game will still sell but hope EA realizes they shot their self in the foot. Anxious business to eager to collect money, better ways to do it other than p2w.

DillyDilly248d ago (Edited 248d ago )

This company has been shitty for years & no one cares. All of their games will be subscription service based or have this crap or all 3 & will still be $60 & no one will care & still buy

BenjaMan64248d ago

EA has had a terrible reputation since many years ago, and yet they're still going. Each controversy just makes the current game they're marketing better known. The press and youtubers you're thanking in the end all they did was give SWBFII free publicity. Bad publicity in the end is still publicity.

"There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about". - Oscar Wilde.

_-EDMIX-_248d ago

I'm buying this game and I had no plans to ever buy any loot crate's.

TheSoundDefense247d ago

We've been talking about how awful EA is for well over a decade. It's the same old song and dance every time. We get mad, they shrug their shoulders, and they just keep getting larger.

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FloydianAndroid248d ago

I blame the consumer for this one. EA is a business and businesses exist to make money. I hate the pay to win loot box fiasco, but people buying it means it will continue. Stop buying it or stop complaining.

_-EDMIX-_248d ago


I'm not complaining and I have no problem buying Star Wars Battlefront 2 day one because I'm not buying microtransactions in that game.

You're finding that multiple people don't really care all that much in the tunes of millions because most gamers are simply playing games for you know.... actual fun , I mean did you guys not really understand that is the point of these people playing some of these games?

So understand what some of you are complaining about is not actually serious enough for most people to say they're not going to have hundreds of hours of fun based on hypotheticals.

FloydianAndroid247d ago

I agree fun is the point of gaming, but let’s see how much fun you have when you’re getting obliterated by some 11 yr old kid that begged his parents for money to level up quicker. I’m not saying grinding is bad, but when everyone doesn’t have to grind it just becomes less fun.

_-EDMIX-_248d ago

I don't think they're ruining it because I have no plans to buy microtransactions , but I definitely plan to buy Star Wars Battlefront 2 day one I've heard lots of great things from the people actually playing it.

DaNineTwo248d ago

I don't get it. Why completely destroy your franchise, while being on point with others (Battlefield 1). I mean, this article's definitely right, but I don't understand the fact that better publicity equals MORE SALES ! Fucking EA man, I tell ya

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