The MMO genre is in bad shape. The most exciting news for years is the announcement of classic WoW

The most exciting development in the MMO world is the announcement of a re-release of a 13 year old game.

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datriax314d ago

lol Hope you're not just figuring this out now. MMO's have been in trouble for a long, LONG time.

Same boring layout, same "quest" structure, same boring instance, same boring design as everything is invalidated within weeks for the sake of "bigger numbers", same boring "trinity" design system, and lastly, same old stupid chase of "balance" to continuously screw everything up entirely.

MMO's have been garbage for a very long time, and it's a good reason by WoW was the last truly killer subscription MMO.

For anyone stupid enough to even try to bring up FF XIV and it's "10 Million Players" bulls**t spin by SE, all I have to say is..... LAWL.

ThatDudeMunkee314d ago

It's not? I'm quite perplexed by this statement. It seems like the servers actually stay pretty busy. I logged in the other day for the first time after returning from a break and found the cities and zones to actually be quite busy. So I'm guessing GameRevolution doing a follow up doesn't provide evidence of this?


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notachance314d ago

FFXIV has 10 million players

MeteorPanda314d ago

l swear.. my heart breaks they wont release oceanic servers - l can't play my monk cause l keep lagging the combos.

Dev's said when they tried on our ping it felt like a much harder impractical game...yet they think there's not enough players in oceanic to warrant a server...but if they made the servers they'd be players. a classical catch 32.

notachance314d ago

wow same here man, I'm on the oceanic too and I was forced to play on the japan server because they didn't have one here.

I only managed to play for 2 months because of the latency but if they decide to build a server here I'll gladly come back and play.

Rachel_Alucard313d ago

That "10 million players" is 10 million accounts on the game. Doesn't mean they're active and even the free trials that people used counted.

gamer7804314d ago

it seems you are conflating your certain MMO traits with healthy server population.

MeteorPanda314d ago

the trinity is what players actually want. guild wars went away from it only to reintroduce because people like these roles... mmo's are very different in quest structure. through trial and error they have come a long way from simple fetch quests.

There's now instance world events, weeklies that change, world bosses, world events...

If you actually think classic wow is really that huge - it's not - they just want the people to shutup about it and later be like "we told you it was shit" and close servers a year later, lol

Bahamut314d ago

You're just a little turd with an awful opinion. Keep it to yourself.

PurpHerbison313d ago


Took me back to 2005 with that one.

Lovable313d ago

The ignorance is strong with this one.

Rachel_Alucard313d ago (Edited 313d ago )

As much as people disagree with this post he's right. How many subscription based MMOs are left? Why have all the F2P ones either died off or fell off the radar? I've played XIV since closed beta phase 3 and even I'll say all they ever do is repeat the same cycle of content releases with one shallow twist here and there and people are getting sick of it. I tried playing guild wars 2, Black desert online, and ESO and all 3 had me sick of them within a few hours. I think people don't know what they want in an MMO because even when an actual sandbox game like BDO comes you have people complain about the sandbox parts of it like non-instanced housing (which was in the game back in closed beta)

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_LarZen_314d ago

Yeah it's depressing. Thankfully Elder Scrolls Online and Final Fantasy Online are big and healthy.

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wraith9999313d ago

also gw2 mate, very active no holy trinity and gear doesnt become obsolete

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Tobse314d ago

Was hoping for Albion online to catch my interest but it fell flat sadly. Havent put big hours into any mmo after wow and guild Wars 1. Would love to have my go to mmo that motivates me to come back.

ElementX314d ago

I've tried a few MMOs but the gameplay is just hitting number keys repeatedly

TankCrossing313d ago

Sounds like you need an MMO built for Kinect :p

Thunder_G0d_Bane313d ago

Like how you hit buttons on a pad repeatedly?

When playing most console games...

Rachel_Alucard313d ago

Moving around and dodging and having to THINK Is different then just standing there without any thought to what you're doing just mashing 2 keys trying to level up.

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