Horizon Zero Dawn Update 1.43 is Live, Patch Notes Detailed

Guerrilla Games have dropped another update for Horizon Zero Dawn today. Update 1.43 focuses on The Frozen Wilds and is live for download.

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242d ago
DarkOcelet242d ago

Downloading the update right now. Its good to return to this beautiful world once again with the Frozen wilds.

242d ago
Ceaser9857361242d ago

I am busy with ACOrigins atm and then will begin Frozen wilds.. GG support for this games is great, no wonder the games looks so beautiful and amazing...

guyman242d ago

Nice, Im in the same boat as you

InKnight7s242d ago

One of most nailed Open World RPG game and the least problems in launch and hace ZERO multiplayer elements got all these patches!!! Wow best support ever.

Snookies12242d ago

Yeah, this is what happens when a game is made with love and dedication. Unlike most of the Games as Service BS that has been spewing out lately. At least we still have a few developers that actually care about the games they create.

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