White Knight Chronicles 'TGS 2008' trailer

Gameplay footage of Level-5's Sony PS3 RPG. White Knight Chronicles (AKA White Knight Story) is developed by Level-5 and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation 3.

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alexM3516d ago


compare this to ingame gaylo 3 expansion shots


Internet Trolling Ex3516d ago

White Knight Chronicles looks better than gears of war 2

Blu Ray33516d ago

How dare you speak your mind on N4G sony fanboy news.

Say goodbye to your bubbles......ooops,you effed up already.

Shadow Man3516d ago

I must admit the "video" (NOT IN GAME) scenes were awesome, BUT the actual characters look par compare to Fable 2. So... at the end of the day White Knight is the same level as Fable 2.

TrooGamer3516d ago

Isnt WKC on a much bigger scale? With 1080p and full online modes?

Lanoire3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

360 is DEAD in Japan.

The game looks better than gears of war 2, its also in 1080P, 60FPS, and confirmed 100+ hours in story, textures were INSANE.


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TheColbertinator3516d ago

Beautiful.Just gorgeous.2009 will have WKC and SO4.Good times for the RPG fan

sonarus3516d ago

I love the music but there was no gameplay...seen that trailer before

TheHater3516d ago

There was gameplay, and the trail is new. It mixed with both new contents, and old contents.

meepmoopmeep3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

we better see 1080p WKC trailer on PSN this thursday

oops, i mean, today.. hehe

sonarus3516d ago

Where was the gameplay. It was just a trailer with in game graphics and a bit of cgi in the beginning. I am the king of WKC hype and i hunger for something new. That was not new

KillaManiac3516d ago

O man o man....

First the Sephiroth a new WKC Trailer. If I see a new ZOE or SOTC 2 then I will need a tissue. (lol j/k)

sunnygrg3516d ago

I agree Sonarus,
It seemed more like an old trailer with only hints of new miniclips. I am hoping we will see more of it TODAY.

TheHater3516d ago

New scenes include the opening (factory setting, and the valley). Flash back to his childhood in the ballroom, when he first encounter the Princess. Showing all the main characters so far, both heroes, and villains.
From 1:30 to 1:45 was all new scenes. Also from 2:14 to the end of the video was all new scenes.

Final_Rpg3516d ago

Lmao, dude you're always the first one to reply to any thread.

Rick Astley3516d ago

"Seen that trailer before" lol. Same music = Same trailer? God so many morons on N4G. 90% of the stuff in that trailer was new.

callahan093516d ago

Astonishing. Easily (EASILY!) going to be the RPG of the generation thus far when it comes out.

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TheHater3516d ago

That was fricken amazing. But I wish they would have show a release date outside of Japan :(

B-Rein3516d ago

NOW I WANT THIS GAME EVERN MORE this trailer has blew me away god im sooo looking forward for this game can wait!!!!!!

THat song is soo catch i want mp3 dammit

THWIP3516d ago

I was actually impressed at first...and then I realized that was just CGI. Gotta love those PS2 textures in the actual game. Cell power!!! :D

juuken3516d ago

That's all real-time you dumbf*ck. -___-

alexM3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

I know its painful for U


100 hours gameplay
16 player online
4 player co-op

all those are 100% ingame footages

too bad GAYLO3 :recon's ingame shots look like dogsh**

@halo2 below

all those are HALO3 RECON screens

LeonSKennedy4Life3516d ago

Anyone else smell the jealousy?

THWIP wreaks of it!

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