Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer Expansion "Comrades" Gets Epic Launch Trailer Narrated by Libertus

Final Fantasy XV's multiplayer expansion "Comrades" is rolling out, and the launch trailer brings back a familiar character from Kingsglaive.

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Chaosdreams367d ago

As far as trailers go this was... well it was reusing assets from the Kingsglaive movie, so for me personally it kind of threw me off guard. It's nice that he's returning since his absence in the game made zero sense. But this trailer doesn't actually make me feel like we're in the 10 year gap. It makes me feel like he's speaking from the perspective of his time during the movie.

Abriael367d ago

That gap doesn't start THAT long after the events of the movie.

Chaosdreams367d ago

Hm, true. But again, I'm simply commenting on this trailer from the perspective of someone who watched the movie and then played the game. Not once was he mentioned or seen in the base game. So hearing him speak about the Kingsglaive while the trailer shows scenes from the movie - just throws me off a little.

I'm looking forward to playing the multiplayer aspect.

naruga367d ago

Kingslaive was s**t ...they sould have never connected it with canon FF XV .......bad generic character design/concepts that dont have any relation with FF aesthetics and lore

367d ago
-Foxtrot367d ago

Oh you mean that character who could have had a great redemption arc in the main game as a character who joins you only to just be forgotten about

Seriously him and Nyx could have had a better revolving story in FFXV and development if they were the main characters

Chaosdreams367d ago

It's painful when the community has incredible theories and points out almost obvious ideas - that were never implemented. As far as Final Fantasy's go, this one has been an odd concoction.

I love the game but, it's like loving someone you can't help but judge. lol

-Foxtrot367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

FFXV for me was good but it held up more to the fact I hated FFXIII. If FFXIII didn't exist or was a decent game like the older FF titles then this would have bombed more in my opinion. Everyone on FFXV usually ends with "...but it's better then FFXIII".

They spent so much time with Nyx and his development in the film that if they did that first, had that in some cinemas or on sale 2 months before launch and then released the game with him as the main character then we've just had a great boost for their character developments.

Hell even Nyx and Luna had more screen time together and some bad ass moments with better chemistry then Luna and Noctis ever had in the games. It's embarrassing.

kowan367d ago

He's in Comrades. I've just started so I don't know if he's going to be important in the story yet. Probably not lol.

Summons75367d ago

This expansion is so fun. Awesome character creator too.

datriax367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

LOL There's nothing epic about this drawn-out, tired, over marketed pile of digital s**t.

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