Press Start: Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus takes two goose steps back

"Wolfenstein II" takes a couple steps back when it comes to level design and allowing players to tackle missions how they see fit, but the equally funny and gripping story, fantastic cast of characters, and chaotic gunplay make "The New Colossus" a solid first-person shooter, Gazette gaming columnist Jake Magee writes.

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ASBO-5333d ago

Fun game its to bad the new character Grace is an absolutely toxic POS that ruins an otherwise fun experience. She picks fights, is crazy reverse racist & says "Mo**er Fu**er" after every second word like a 3rd grader that just learned a new swear word. Don't get me wrong, I swear like a sailor but this b**ch took it to a ridiculous level. Top it all off with what seems like a heavy handed jab at the current political landscape in the USA and I was 100% turned off. Too bad because its a damn fun game otherwise.