Guerrilla Games: "We've gone from designing rollercoaster rides to theme parks"

Horizon: Zero Dawn art director Jan-Bart Van Beek on the acclaimed new IP's origins and why games offer more unique worlds than movies.

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UCForce65d ago

You guys deserve 2017 GOTY, GG.

Kribwalker65d ago

I don’t agree, Definitely should be Mario Odyssey followed closely by Zelda BOTW in my opinion.

UCForce65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

Why not ? Do you want HZD to be shunned ? Because you think the game is an "outcast", right ? It deserves to be nominated for GOTY along side with other. Like I said, HZD is a new champion.

UCForce65d ago

I'm sorry, but you have big agenda against this game and GG. Even if you tried to clarify your statement, I'm not convinced.

chrisx65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

@UCForce don't mind him, he aint fooling no1. He obvs can't mention any xbone exclusives bcos he'l look like a joke. so now he's a "ninty" person.

Kribwalker65d ago

What??? Shunned? Outcast? I don’t think it should win because i don’t believe it’s better then Mario Odyssey or zelda botw. Based off of what critics and others say i don’t believe it’s the best game on the PS4 this year (Persona 5 and Nioh i’ve heard from many others are fantastic, and critics believed Persona was better as they rated it higher). After playing it, zelda and mario i can tell you they are better games and more deserving of GOTY then HZD

RememberThe35765d ago (Edited 65d ago )

I haven't played too much of either Odyssey or BOTW, but Horizon is GOTY for me too. The combat is just second to none and world is full and gorgeous. I can't imagine what they have planned for the sequel.

And this makes me wonder how they're approaching the new KZ they have under wraps.

Septic65d ago

^^ Wtf are you on about LOL?!! Have you lost it?

Shunned? Outcast? We aren't talking about lepers here 😂

Kribwalker65d ago

My first system was a NES and the only nintendo systems i haven’t bought were the virtual boy, Gameboy advance and wiiu. suddenly a ninty person.... How’s the witcher 2 been?
Why would i have an agenda against it? I paid my money to play it. I bought the game and played it. I thought it was ok. but it’s not GOTY

uptownsoul65d ago

I like Horizon for GOTY...I doubt it will get it...BUT it is, without a shadow of a doubt, the best new IP of 2017

uptownsoul65d ago

@chrisx - "@UCForce don't mind him, he aint fooling no1. He obvs can't mention any xbone exclusives bcos he'l look like a joke. so now he's a "ninty" person."

I doubt @kribwalker is like this...But I see an awful lot of Xbox dudes who never talked about Ninty games all year start talking up Ninty games just this week

UCForce65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

Even you played it and sure I would have respect you. But look at your previous comments, you have huge agenda against PS its community and its brand. So I don't take your opinion seriously and I dislike you. Don't lie to me, I remember someone who want to get rid of PS out of competition. So yes, you still want HZD to be shunned and want GG to be an "outcast". Like I said before, HZD should be nominated GOTY 2017 along side with others.

zivtheawesome65d ago

@Kribwalker it is GOTY for him, Mario is GOTY for you, deal with it that someone doesn't agree with you

65d ago
WickedLester65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

To this day no one has been able to properly explain to me why Zelda BOTW is a better game than Horizon Zero Dawn. You're welcome to try if you want. It's not even a better game than Witcher 3 and I like Horizon better than that game as well.

Dragonscale65d ago

Thats no surprise coming from you krib. Just can't stand the thought of any PlayStation ip's getting any love eh, so transparent. In my opinion both those switch games are overrated but you know what they say about opinions lol.

Elda65d ago

You're in the wrong article.

Woolly_65d ago

A Nintendo title will definitely win. . I would be shocked if Horizon took it.

Vizigoth0465d ago

Do you think HZD is a good game? At least given credit where it is due with the work that was put into it?

madforaday65d ago

Once again you can't use your opinion on arguments because they are solely your opinion and only yours. Also, all 3 of those games should be getting a reward. The fact we are even talking about Horizon (A new IP) to the great franchises of Zelda and Mario. Odyssey is on a different level since that game is way better than so many that came before it. Zelda on the other hand, it isn't even the best Zelda game. If I am looking for a great story, I am not going to be getting Zelda or Mario. Just because you personally like something doesn't mean that is it. You need to think deeper on what the games did. Remember, it isn't like any of these 3 games reinvented the formula. The developers just made great games to their genres.

outsider162465d ago

Well, in my opinion, HZD deserves to win. BoTW and Mario deserves the nomination though.

AspiringProGenji65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

You are such a coward and clearly have a bias againts Horizon that you use others opinions instead of yours to downplay this game. It creay shows you haven’t even played P5 or Nioh to know of they are truly better bt still use that to go againts Horizon. How lower can you go mate?

Kribwalker65d ago

it was an ok game, but i didn’t feel it was GOTY.

i’m not the one that can’t deal with it. he opened the debate stating he felt it was the GOTY, and i replied in my opinion it wasn’t. everything went to hell in a hand basket after that

exactly why i said in my opinion. he said definitive it should be game of the year. i replied in my opinion it shouldnt. and then everyone got angry

i played horizon. bought it around launch off of your guys hype. didn’t see where all the hype came from. i said before, it was an ok game, not game of the year, in my opinion. you guys all attacked off of that. I don’t like turn based RPGs or games of that nature so i didn’t play persona. but people i know have claimed its the ps game of the year. Even xbox fanboys on here have said they’d vote that game of the year.The review scores have it as the highest rated PS game. Put two and two together.

Horizon was a 3rd person action rpg in a sea of many extremely high quality action RPGs and its not the best one. and that is my opinion

bloop65d ago

@Kribwalker & Septic: For two guys that can seem to give an honest opinion of HZD from your own experience, the fact both of you didn't get the joke about being shunned and outcast is a bit of a head scratcher.

RememberThe35765d ago

I feel "shunned" and "outcast" from this thread 😔

Army_of_Darkness65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

Horizon zero dawn gets my vote for goty hands down! Currently playing it (30hrs so far) and wow this game is amazing in every way! This is my opinion but Mario and Zelda can't touch this game! They look outdated in comparison. The Graphics, open worldness , music, gameplay mechanics and story all amazing! Hell, it better get the most goty awards!

One of the things I love about horizon is that no matter how high leveled you are, every fight is still intense cause it requires skill and not just button mashing like other action games out there. Even fighting a couple watchers I'll still stay all focused Hahaha!

@ucforce lol! Shunned, outcast! Bro, only us horizon players got that joke ;)

DarXyde65d ago

While I did enjoy Breath of the Wild more than Horizon (and I do believe Persona 5 was better than Horizon), I absolutely question how genuine you're being. Are you sure you're not just saying that because a) they're not on PlayStation and b) there's no real argument for Xbox games this year (unless you count PUBG)?

To say it "definitely" should be Mario Odyssey or Breath of the Wild is a bit of a stretch. Have yet to play Odyssey myself, but I'm sure it's amazing. Maybe they are just better titles, but dismissing Horizon outright is ridiculous in my opinion. It's a great game and a technical masterclass title.

Do I think it's the best game I've played this year? No, but I wouldn't be mad if it won GOTY (even though there's no single GOTY). Guerrilla did an amazing job and would much rather they made games like Horizon than Killzone.

What I'm really saying is I'm not sure I believe that you believe what you're saying, KribWalker. The burden of proof is not yours since you're not obligated to prove anything (though I'm not sure how you could anyway). These are purely my suspicions. Just wanted to share that.

Sugreev200165d ago

Mario Odyssey is definitely an innovative platformer that we've come to expect from the series, but BOTW pales in comparison to games in it's genre, like Witcher 3 and Horizon Zero Dawn. The fact that some reviewers scored it higher than both aforementioned games really points out at the incredible bias the series enjoys. Zelda games are absolutely lazy in comparison to the work put in games like Witcher 3, or even Skyrim.

AspiringProGenji65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

No one cares what your imaginary people or comments said about P5 or Nioh being better than Horizon. That does not make Horizon less GOTY than them or any game. You are crearly showing a bias against Horizon like... what the F is your problem? To dislike a game is fine but to cherry pick like this to disprove the game is ridiculous.

Stay away from Horizon articles. We get it already you don’t like it as much as everyone else and it is not your GOTY, but it is still many people’s GOTY and is an amazing game. Using “others” opinion and comparing it to games you haven’t even played shows your bias and anything you said about it should be disregarded. Play games before talking!

fiveby965d ago

Frankly, this year is way too difficult for me to chose just one GotY. BotW and HZD are on my list along with others. Just too hard to pick. Luckily I don't have to. I can just play them all. :)

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jaycptza65d ago

If you can name one reason why Mario Fucking Odessey should be game of the year I will be impressed.

Original: Nope, it's not even the best Mario game
Game Play: Is pretty damn standard for a Mario
Technical Achievement: Not A Fuck

I mean Mario is a great game but it's not the embodiment of years best game. PUBG is fuck lot better than Mario for the matter

S2Killinit65d ago

lol Kribwalker can't stand that Horizon: Zero Dawn is a GOTY contender. He can't think of anything on the xbone so he resorts to seeking help from Nintendo's exclusives.

Antnee53465d ago (Edited 65d ago )

Persona 5 is the best game of the year. Horizon follwed in second, mario in third and then zelda in fourth. (Honestly i would not have put zelda in this list either but its an option in the cat so i put it in last.) With pubg not placing anywhere near this list, but thats because imo shooters cant be game of the year.

trouble_bubble64d ago

zivtheawrsome is right.i clicked on a HZD article and right out of the gates we got try-hards crying about Zelda and Mario being better. Jesus Christ. Wtf are you even in here for then? Take it somewhere else. Guy likes HZD. No one cares what you like kribwalker. The antagonists are ruining this place

AspiringProGenji64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

Go away @3-4-5 with that.

No one here is offended or over sensitive over a PS exclusive. This guy above is just showing bias and no one is falling for it. One can’t just come here and say what he wants to dismiss a successful game and get away with it especially cherry picking and comparing it to games he hasn’t even played

64d ago
Eiyuuou64d ago

And I disagree with the both of you.

Nier Automata and Persona 5 all the way!

Ceaser985736164d ago (Edited 64d ago )

Ignore the Xboys they can never imagine a new IP and exclusives like HZD so they will say "who cares about handful of exclusives"
I personally loved HZD , but truth be told BOTW will win it Dont know why? Since i didnt play i cant comment... Maybe becoz it got 98% on Meta . but would love to see HZD win few since this games deserves all love...

Ceaser985736164d ago

I will say it.. Since i have alot of frens who prefers Xbox..
They never expected GG will deliver HZD. Since they made FPS games and most didnt like Killzone and said Halo was better.. So when GG was making HZD most were like oh! It wont do well but they were shocked post release...

Kribwalker64d ago (Edited 64d ago )


stay away from horizon articles? I’ve played the game. i have the trophies to prove it. look it up. PSN name is the same as my username. i have just as much right to be in this article as you, and more right to be in other articles since i also play on the switch and xbox. do you play any of the xbox games you comment on all the time? You are quick to dismiss Mario and Zelda. Have you played those?
I own an xbox/switch and ps4. there are no exclusives for me unless they only release on PC, so your thought is mute
My Psn username is the same as my username here. look it up. I played it, and i felt it was ok

UnHoly_One64d ago

Some of you people are completely out of your mind.

I love Horizon, and I honestly don’t care about GOTY, but the insanity of you rabid fanboys make me want to root against it.

You Sony fans have a way of making sane people want to take the opposite side just to NOT be associated with you.

Think about that.

64d ago
64d ago
SenorFartCushion64d ago

You're on N4G, it's futile.

Ps4 game all the way

AspiringProGenji64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

What are those Xbox games I talk about? I hardly talk about xbox games at all lol

And when Have I dismissed Mario and Zelda? And yes I have played both and love them as well. You got nothing on me pal. Unlike you I don't talk nonsense here and downplay PS exclusives.

Your bias against this game is obvious.

UltraNova64d ago


I admire your perserverance to make yourself look neutral but you are not fooling anyone whose being here for long. You would never admit you liked a PS game more than *insert any other game from any other platform.

Its like reading a PS appraisal comment by Septic, its so transparent its sad.

Personally, all I know is that anyone of the three (HZD, Odyssey and BotW) is a fair winner this year and I would be happy which ever one wins it.

64d ago
madpuppy64d ago

Nintendo games are derivative and boring. made for man-children and sometimes "ACTUAL children".

Critic4l_Strik364d ago

wow. never seen so many downvotes haha XD

morganfell64d ago

"Why not ? Do you want HZD to be shunned ? "

Why yes, yes he does. A quick perusal of his post history will tell you why he feels this way. Because it isn't a Xbox title.

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Horizon was the sole purpose I bought a PS4 Pro in the beginning of the year, It was a great game, BUT that said, it is missing the emotional attachment that games like Skyrim or The Witcher 3 gave me. I don't know what it is, it is great and def deserves game of the year imo. Can't wait to see the next open world IP from Guerilla Games!

Cmv3865d ago

Emotional attachment like skyrim and witcher? Lmao. I guess. Going to run out of straws the way you grasp at them.

fiveby965d ago

Well I will say I still love hearing Skyrim's musical score. It just has such a great quality to it and pulls me back into that world. I'd call that an emotional draw. HZD is great for other reasons. So many great games to play. I am glad I don't have the burden to pick one and then justify it. They can all be great in my book.

IcarusOne64d ago

@fiveby9 HZD's score is one of the best I've heard in a video game. I love the music. I felt nothing playing Skyrim, it's just not the game for me. HZD on the other hand: I fell in love. To each their own.

Frinker65d ago

I can name 10 games I enjoyed more than Horizon this year

65d ago
TheVetOfGaming65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

I just bought Horizon. Got it for $20 from best buy. While it is a beautiful game, I feel it gets repetitive pretty fast. I'm only level 12, but I can already tell, apart from the robots, it isn't much different from a lot of open world action/rpg games. Just my opinion. But as I said in another post, I may have open world fatigue. Just redone fallout and metal gear.

65d ago
64d ago
UCForce64d ago

You just want them to go back to make more Killzone, don't you ? It's like you want to ruin their potential. GG need more time to refresh their mine. I can bet you aren't optimistic about Ghost Of Tsushima from Sucker Punch. "Sigh" It's like you don't want them to show their potential. Now that's just low from you.

UCForce64d ago

I remember you hate ND from switching Crash Bandicoot to The Last of US and you hate GG switching from Killzone to HZD. Are you going to hate Sucker Punch for switching from Sly Copper to Ghost of Tsushima ? I think you don't like devs making new IP, do you ?

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Sunny_D64d ago

Doesn’t the Game Award show which is hosted by Geoff Keighly use votes to determine the winner? I mean for all we know PUBG might take GOTY, if more people vote for it.

Razzer64d ago

The usual suspects downplaying HZD. No surprise

jc1264d ago

UCForce you need to calm down a bit with your constant love and adoration for Horizon...I mean its basically every day, and on every Horizon article.

And anyone that has a differing or critical opinion of Horizon, you flip out on them and claim they have some sort of "agenda." Stop being a stormtrooper for everything Horizon. Not everyone is going to agree with you about the game.

XStation4pio_Pro64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

On what merits? It was s great game for sure and I do love it and it should be recognized as such. But.... it didn’t break any records, it didn’t create the hype of some other games (Zelda, PUBG, Mario Oddyssey etc), it didn’t really innovate on open world rpgs nor did it sell the most (PUBG). It reviewed well but good review scores aren’t rare for 2017. Zelda, Mario, F7, cuphead, Nioh etc all reviewed well too. It was just a great game.

UCForce64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

You and @jc12 True, but HZD is redefined itself. Most importantly, GG has become one of the respectful Studio. So they deserve a nomination or either awards for GOTY. About @Kribwaler, I pissed at him for good reason. He has huge agenda against PS, because I read his previous comments. So yes, all @Kribwalker want the game to be shunned.

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chrisx65d ago

Awesome job on Horizon Zero Dawn GG. You have my total support! Can't wait for more games from you!

65d ago
Atticus_finch64d ago

Horizon zero Dawn has an amazing world and the combat is impeccable. It has my support too but it also has stiff competition. It should easily take best graphics award(or GTs) and new IP award.

Relientk7765d ago

I'm excited for a Horizon Zero Dawn 2 in the future

Toby_198165d ago

Just the thought of a sequel sounds so good. I'm sure the sequel will be better than the first game

pody64d ago

It's going to be hard to have a story that's better then the first game though.

TheKingKratos65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

I guess 2019 is where they launch the next chapter on the ps4
I'm drooling trying to think about what will look like on the Pro

Elda65d ago

It's going to look beautiful!

ninsigma65d ago

They made one epic and beautiful game. Loved it start to finish. Would love to see it win GOTY, it really deserves it.