SOCOM Confrontation Public Beta Patch 1.60 Patch

"The 1.60 patch for SOCOM Public Beta will be released on Thursday, October 9th, at 5 a.m. PDT. This patch addresses the joining and disconnection issues that players are currently experiencing.

In order to test this new patch, the Public Beta has been extended to midnight PDT on Saturday, October 11th. Thank you for your participation and feedback for this Beta."

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Omegasyde3572d ago

Yet they haven't fixed the beta and extend it.

I suggest everyone to actually read the reviews before purchasing this Socom.

darkwing3572d ago

Strangely, the 1.30 has been the most stable for me

Omegasyde3572d ago

Yea but the the loading was the problem so they fix that and the Red X but then you get the great error messages + tons more lag.

Kenny G3572d ago

if its still in a beta stage its in big trouble. i remember having 10 min loading times. they might as well just man up and delay the game

Omegasyde3572d ago

Yea its like they can't ask for a extension of a deadline for the game.

I hope one day incognito or insomniac gets a hold on the socom franchise.

Dark General3572d ago

It's stat tracking problems for me. Fixed the loading time but the stats or who you're playing with on your team or the enemy team isn't displayed.