The SEGA Mega Drive classic game console HD is out now across the Nordic countries

SEGA is proud to present SEGA Mega Drive Classic Game Console HD. The new console is going to bring back the classic console games to the masses once again! And the console is out now across the Nordic countries.

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cha0sknightmare395d ago

Is the sound chip and emulation absolute garbage though like the previous versions?

TGG_overlord395d ago

I've been told no, but I would have to try it myself before I know for sure (some SEGA dude on Twitter told me that the console is "alright").

ruefrak395d ago

Apparently a lot of the emulation problems were software problems that they managed to fix. (keep in mind that the review units sent out at the end of August still suffered from the issues. If anyone bothered to re-review it in October, they would have the fixed one)

Sgt_Slaughter395d ago

I don't trust this company after the countless crappy previous attempts at money milking.

TGG_overlord395d ago

I see, well, I could always ask for a review copy and try it out for myself.