Everything You Need To Know About The New Xbox Experience (Gamasutra Interview)

The official GamerScore weblog has been going through many of the features of the new interface individually in its "NXE" series -- but Gamasutra also got a chance to look at and comment on the new interface ahead of today's release announcement.

Here, Microsoft senior platform strategist Rob Gruhl and global platform marketing manager Albert Penello talk to Gamasutra all about the precise ins and outs of the update.

The duo answered all the prevailing questions that have surrounded the "New Xbox Experience" since its announcement: how the avatars and party system will work, the changes in how games are listed, where XNA Community Games fits in, and how developers can take advantage of all these new features.

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GametimeUK3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

Gotta be the worst interface I have ever seen... This is degrading to all 360 followers

Sitdown3542d ago

to assume you have not seen the most recent ipods with cover flow. Ohh, and thanks for giving a deep explanation on why you think its the worst interface that you have ever seen.

GametimeUK3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

Im a double post noob... who just wasted a bubble

Crazywhitie3542d ago

This looks to be one of the best interface's out.. Easy to use, a lot to do... What are you talking about... I hope you are not trying to say that the Boring PS3 XMB is better??? come on wake up...