Warhawk: what's next? gives us their thoughts on what should be next for the world of Warhawk including maps, weapons, and vehicles.

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Peter Griffin3448d ago

i must admit every single one is very well thought out and i would love if they were added. LISTEN TO THESE GUYS INCOG!!

ajeben8093448d ago

They're not really good ideas at all. The only good original idea I could agree with is the spawn mine.

As for the maps "Highland Cliffs" sounds similar to Eucadia as there is already 2 bases at each end on a cliff.
"Volcanic escape" sounds like Tau Crater with the mothership being simlar to the volcano.
"Ocean Command" is original but just wouldnt work. It wouldnt be as open to fly around in like the other maps, so it wouldnt suit the core gameplay.

Shotgun? no.

Havok? Thats just a ridiculous idea, who is going to want to wait around to detonate a bomb. You will just become an easy target. It would be pointless even planting one of these, you would have to sit there and time your detonation which is a waste of time and no fun.

Bikes: Possible but pretty much pointless, other than transport. Adding this vehicle would make it too easy to get around.

Boats? Already confirmed by dylan several times as follows: NO!

Ben10543448d ago

Warhawk 2 - should have at least the same number of maps as warhawk 1, the map sizes should be at least as big as the omega dawn and the broken mirrow maps, 60 players online of course, ranking system the same as Batlleifeld 2142 (lots of rewards, every rank you go up you get an unlock point that gives you an upgrade for your a type of gun or just player attributes), Boats, same type of cool graphics with bigger explosions, screen capture (maybe youtube upload support with video edeting) and a reason why the reds and the blues hate each other

QuackPot3448d ago (Edited 3448d ago )

Keep it simple

* Giant Map that enables the use of all current vehicles and jet packs

* An Elephant-like(Halo 3) vehicle. This should be heavily armoured and be able to take a huge amount of hits, have significant anti-air and anti-tank ability but be slower than a tank. I should be stationed only at the main base so that it enables the team that has lost all bases, to have a fighting chance of getting out of main base.

* Tomahawk/cruise missle laucher. Missile range covering up to a 2/3 of the map. Long respawn between missle launch. Used strategically - especially saving a captured flag being taken back by the drop ship or other vehicle.

simple awesomeness.

But better still:

* Bots with devilish combat AI - full games. No need to depend on humans to have a warhawk buzz.

* Map creation/modification - user created content is the future for consoles.

QuackPot3448d ago

Omega Dawn and Broken Mirror are big enough to include all vehicles and jetpacks.

rroded3448d ago

another major expansion pack might not b in the cards. Incognito's working on Hardwa4re 2 now and have practicly stopped supporting Warhawk since the last expansion...
Still about 500 hours in and counting myself but Im not holding my breath for anything new...

ps to the guy who suggested one huge map with all vehicles Dylan's said they cant do it due to memory limits (ie ram) :(

DaCandyman3448d ago

* How about flares that detonate missiles, which is a good defense for those that chase there targets. Not always relying on the air mines.

* A map with two large stationary aircraftcarrier that launches all types of aircraft with key destruction(new gameplay)/takeover(zones) points.
In which case each carrier has 5 control points/zones (enemy zones do not serve as spawn points and are destroyed) thus a good reason to have spawn mines which can only be placed in dead, non-zoned or friendly areas.
Spawn mines act as teleportation for those that would rather collect weapons before the close combat fight, entry points are where the jetpacks are, you will not be able to enter teleport with jetpacks attached but may do so after teleporting. (Saying that makes me think that maybe the jetpack spawners act as teleporting stations).
The 5 control points are 4 secondary and 1 primary core. You can not destroy the primary until all 4 of the secondary are destroyed, all points are repairable, the 4 secondary non-repairable when 80% destroyed. Primary core repairable until destroyed. Balanced and satisfying.