TGS: Square Enix's Wada: Japanese Industry Has 'Lost Its Position'

At his Gamasutra-attended keynote at Tokyo Game Show on Thursday, CESA chairman and Square Enix president Yoichi Wada presented a passionate keynote that addressed the problems of the Japanese game industry head-on.

The executive suggested, in particular, that the country's game biz has "lost its position" as the leader in the global marketplace, and offered some possible solutions for all developers.

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Winter47th3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

You're an idiot, it's simply in a phase of transition, heading towards a new direction, new ideas are being introduced, it takes time, trials & errors, but it didn't lose its position at all.

HighDefinition3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

It`s IRONICALLY because of Companies like Square.

Just give me FF Versus and Shut-up.

AAACE53568d ago

If you look at it, weonly look foward to games from a few developers from japan! Mostly SE, Capcom, and a couple others! The large majority of games from japan, people aren't concerned with.

Most games from japan don't satisfy graphically or gameplay wise, which has allowed for less interest in games from japan, and has opened the door for games from other countries to become more important!

How many games are you looking foward to from japan?

I bet that the majority of the game you are looking foward to aren't from japan!

That's what Wada is trying to say, I believe! Even if he is not... That's how I feel about it.

v1c1ous3568d ago

Japan has embraced a more casual, laid back approach to their gaming habits.

it's all aesthetics though. it SEEMS like japan is in a downward slump because the western market has made leaps and bounds in terms of innovation this generation.

i know some of you will say "a hurr durr western is all shootan and graphics no story" and it's somewhat right. but western developers are also bringing out titles like uncharted and assasins creed and even big WRPGS like fable and fallout.

Look at gaming news, and some of the most expected titles currently in the limelight are western made games. You have companies like capcom who are adjusting to the shift in market and are profiting well for it.

SO while i don't think "Japanese Industry has lost it's position" is a 100% true statement, it's more like the western market is finally coming to par with the Japanese market.

N4g_null3568d ago

LOL I don't know Maybe square has lost it's position because I'm buying monster hunter3, No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle, fragile, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, Muramasa: The Demon Blade

You tube here

Sin and punishment, Punch out.

Maybe Rage from id software. Any maybe project offset when the larrebee comes out.

Seriously, What mess up the market was game development cost because it was just too high. The japanese must be able to take risk and let their creativity shine unlike western developers how just copy what ever and try to make it more realistic. Japan's mistake was buying into to the HD market which was like adopted the PC development cost structure. This is why epic games and other PC like developers shine on the HD consoles. Since the Wii was not support then every one took a fist to the nose and bleed red last quarter. Now the Wii is getting more games and what Iwata is saying will not be true on the Wii. It will stay true for the HD consoles though. The west has set what HD gamers will want from an HD system in stone almost. So games with different art styles are not really welcome. Games that are more traditional and offer mostly challenge are not welcome either. Unless that challenge is online because then you can just disconnect.

If you notice it was tecmo having troubles and other japanese studios and publisher having the hardest time making lots of money this gen unless they are making DS games.

One thing I'm seeing for sure is the HD console are for some hardcore gamers yet hardcore gamers are not rich and the studios are not either.

I'm actually glad this happened because it will make people try to puch the Wii more.

Another of the japanese ways that does not need to change is the idea of reinventing tech to make a game. Yes it is smart to "stand on giants shoulder" but once you understand how that giant got so big you can then make your own better giant. Japan has always done this. You see the problem with western developers are they don't do this enough. Take silicon knights for example they complain about getting certain things to work on a game that has been kicking around for 10 years. Every thing got delayed and even the west is having a hard time getting these games out. HD development is a pain in the a$$ to every one.

Many HD gamers will let you that they love their graphics yet deep down every thing using UT3 is starting to look the same. Had some of these companies made their own engines while standing on shoulders then they would have an adjustable rendering system like killzone 2's render-er.

I think square is now trying to find ways to cut that FF13 bill that's all. The mod community is great but they held no candle to what has came out of japan in the last few years.

The hubs he talks about simply are nvidia's way of doing business. Computer graphics change all the time and unless Japan is going to start getting into the GPU bis they better start attending siggraph and contacting these US mod teams because it would be their dream to work with some of these japan based companies...LOL but their is a language barrier.

What I don't understand is the underground game scene is actually pretty big in japan. Hey but SE would understand the Wii doesn't exist to them because they sort of burnt that bridge.

Hey but that's their problem!

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TheColbertinator3568d ago

STFU and stop releasing DS remakes.Just get to consoles like the Wii,360 and PS3 and then SE can start making real money and make long lasting fanbases

Lanoire3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

Level 5
3 years - 1080P, 60 FPS, exclusive, 100+hours story, triple A status.
Online coop, online multiplayer.

FF13 - 4 years in making. TBA, TBA, TBA, TBA, TBA, everything is TBA with a supposed release date somewhere in 2009/2010. That makes it six years in development. Multi platform.

No wonder FF13 is multi platform. SE is failing hard.

Captain_Sony3568d ago

Another example of how people consider anything coming to Sony to be AAA without playing it.. Sorry but while WKS is the ONE game from the launch of the PS3 that I have the most interest in, I cannot call it AAA simply because it is on the PS3. Just being on PS3 does not make something an instant AAA title.

Lanoire3568d ago

But anyone who is remotely interested in games, can smell Triple As from a mile away, fool.

WKC is triple A.

Montrealien3568d ago

And I can smell trolls that have no clue what they are talking about from miles away. Lanoire is the real joke, Nasim is sad...once the bubbles are gone, go start up another account.

oh, and White knight chronicles looks sweet, I can`t wait to play it. It will be a great addition to my non biased, non brand whore game collection. Ask your mom for it Lanoire *cough* Nasim*cough*, she may buy it for you, if you promisse to do your homework.

Lanoire3568d ago

Are you retarded, you frikkin moron.

You are really getting on my nerves. Who the hell gave you permission to send me retarded messages anyway. After I blocked you, you now start stalking me?

Damn, boy, I want to smash your puny brains out of your head.

Montrealien3568d ago

so much rage, for such a little troll.

kesvalk3568d ago

so... anyone that is on games smell triple As huh?

you must be talking about the likes of:

too human
force unleashed

i am right?

Pain3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

and there "Self decency" of selling out to M$...

@captain Retard :"Another example of how people consider anything coming to Sony to be AAA without playing it."

- Go Read what the Xbox Fans have been saying for past 3 years about ANY Xbox 2 game... befor spewing that Sh!t kid.

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muddygamesite3568d ago

Hey guys any news on the 9 unannounced PS3 exclusive titles? ive been up all night waiting for any news, and all i can see is more disappointments and multi-platforms.

slave2Dcontroller3568d ago

I live in Los Angeles and its 4:26am here. I and I havent slept a wink. I guess I will just have 2 wait til I wake up bc I'm going to bed now. I just hope 1 of Sonys 9 big announcements wasnt Tekken6 going to the 360(sArC).

Lanoire3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

Thursday night for US/Europe.

No use in staying up all night.

Deviant3568d ago

...yakuza has already made my day o.0.
major 3rd party home support.
and nice lbp costumes

robotnik3568d ago

Stop releasing sh1tty games and you will be fine. And stop milking Final Fantasy, its becoming Final Fail now.

Heck, if they want to the Japanese videogame industry to take the lead SE should support Playstation and Nintendo more, what a liar.

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