Microsoft on Indie Games - "As Important as Having a Great First-Party Product Portfolio."

AusGamers "Recently we had the chance to sit down with the head of Microsoft’s indie game service [email protected], Chris Charla, to discuss all things Xbox, indie, and the future of the platform."

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NoPeace_Walker371d ago

Indies are indeed important but not all indies are created equal. Ori and Cuphead are fine examples of indies done right.

Septic371d ago

This is true.

Ori and Cuphead something special.

-Foxtrot370d ago

It's a fine statement if your first party portfolio know exists

S2Killinit370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

Yup, the problem is just because you think “indies are as important as first party exclusives” doesnt mean one should/could take the place of the other.

Essentially MS is saying “dont worry that we dont make games, we will always buy 3rd party indies”

Tbh, this is getting sad.

spreadlove370d ago

It surely exist, but to you anything MS will never be anything good enough. It's better you stick to PS4 articles. It will make you happier.

trooper_370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

Geesh Fox, that was savage, ROFL.

-Foxtrot370d ago (Edited 370d ago )


Urgh...don't make this a fanboy thing. Jesus man

"bu bu but you hate anything ***insert company*** makes so you should stick to your own"

Sorry to point out the obvious. Why is it fanboys whether it's in video games or comics with their films never admit when they aren't doing well and want to deflect all criticism. The first party content hardly exists on the Xbox One, most things are on PC, thats not me making stuff up to be a dick it's the hard truth and if you can't swallow it then I'm sorry but that's on you.

Oh and with the amount of shit I throw on here...I don't think how anyone can say I'm a fanboy, each one gets their fair share from me if they f*** up

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xX-oldboy-Xx370d ago

MS should be applauded for their support of indie games and ridiculed for their lack 1st party output.

conanlifts370d ago

There are very few indies that I enjoy, Outlast is another example of an indie game done right. The thing with indies is that each will have their own appeal. They tend to be more niche than AAA games in my opinion.

As for Ori is that an indie? It is owned by MS and is an MS IP.

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DeadSilence371d ago

What first party? Microsoft first party is the worst in the world.

ElementX371d ago

I bet they are working on some things that aren't Halo or Gears.

Rimeskeem371d ago

If they are it will probably be cancelled and the developer will be shutdown/

uptownsoul370d ago

@ElementX - "I bet they are working on some things that aren't Halo or Gears."

And those things are: Forza Motorsport & Forza Horizon

-Foxtrot370d ago

Heard that in 2013, 2015 and we've just heard it this year 2017.

"More games are in first take time to make give it a few years"

Yet here we are over half way through next gen

DarXyde370d ago

Most likely. There is Sea of Thieves and more coming, I'm sure. Be that as it may, that's no excuse for having such a delayed response to the issue this far into a generation.

WelkinCole370d ago

You know. I would not be surprised if Crackdown or Sea of thieves would be canceled like Fable Legends and Scalebound

BIGBOSS08370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

Really? When was the last time microsoft released something new from their first party studios? It's literally just halo, gears and forza from first party. Any other exclusives they've had were from 3rd party. Microsoft themselves haven't made a single new ip. It's just something they don't do. You would be lucky to see 1 new ip from them every decade. Sony though seem to relish making new ip. No one can deny that.

S2Killinit370d ago

that would be a new thing for them then.

trooper_370d ago

Wait for E3!


Wait for next E3!

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Yohshida370d ago

Tell me which first party makes better MP games?

BlackTar187370d ago


Best tactical MP shooter of last gen. See opinions we all have them.

Yohshida370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

Gears of war disagrees with that.
Also: what about this gen? Sony lacks the quality MP games in its first party which is alarming if someone, like me, prefers MP games.

PhoenixUp371d ago

You need to have a lot of first party titles in the first place before you can compare the importance of having them to something like indies.

371d ago
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