Horizon Zero Dawn Was a Surprise Hit, Days Gone Could be the Same

“Days Gone presumably started production shortly after Sony’s Bend Studio finished Uncharted: Golden Abyss — I’d guesstimate mid-2012. So the game has been in the works for quite some time (almost 4 and half years). We’ve seen two extended gameplay trailers thus far, and a short story-focused trailer. Luckily, we can easily gather a bunch of information from them — here are five reasons why Days Gone could be Sony’s next big IP.” —PlayStation Enthusiast

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Malice-Flare31d ago

if only SIE included Golden Abyss in the Nathan Drake Collection...

Ghost_of_Tsushima31d ago

“Horizon Zero Dawn Was a Surprise Hit, Days Gone Could be the Same”

I seen a lot of people calling it generic but not every game needs to be different. It just needs to do well at what it’s trying to achieve.

I personally think the game looks great. Hope it becomes a hit.

Also they’re not Zombies they’re Freakers. Before anyone calls it another zombie game.

Septic31d ago

"Also they’re not Zombies they’re Freakers. Before anyone calls it another zombie game."

What's the difference other than the fact that these are undead that run fast?

Looks good though yeah; just needs to ensure variety and good level design and the we are on to a winner.

TheKingKratos31d ago


They are not dead though

Freakers are the result when living creatures are infected with an unknown virus. The virus granted them superior strength, speed and agility of a normal creature of their species.
However they also lost any semblance of humanity becoming feral cannibalistic creatures.
None of the human Freakers have hair and their skin appears to be covered in bloody sores.
Those are still alive people that (If there is a cure) can be fixed like *I am Legend*

Zombies are DEAD people who came back as a walking corpse

Christopher31d ago

When people say zombies, they really mean the genre of the game. Infected, undead, clickers. They all follow the same rules, it's old human bodies affected by something that how reacts similar to known zombie concepts.

It's not like them breathing really changes the fact that they want to rip you limb from limb and feed on your flesh.

So, don't take offense to it being called zombies, it's more a genre defining label and not intended as derogatory by almost everyone who uses it.

UCForce31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

@Septic Beside, the freakers can drink a normal water like human.

Septic31d ago


Ah cheers for that explanation. Makes sense.


"@Septic Beside, the freakers can drink a normal water like human."

I like a drink of a normal water here and there

Ghost_of_Tsushima31d ago


“So, don't take offense to it being called zombies, it's more a genre defining label and not intended as derogatory by almost everyone who uses it.”

I don’t take offense to that. What bothers me is when people refer to it as “just another zombie game” when they haven’t even played it yet.

-Foxtrot31d ago

Kind of similar to the Infected in The Crazies

They are alive...but they've changed to the point where they are driven to kill other people on sight.

That remake was awesome, really needed a sequel

OB1Biker31d ago

For people looking for a story driven game, details are very important. I feel people saying its a zombie game only care about the gameplay.

_-EDMIX-_31d ago

@Christopher - the problem that I have with people who keep calling it "zombie genre" is there trying to say that in enemy type has something to do with the game play I mean unless you're going to tell me Left 4 Dead in the last of us are the same type of game I believe that statement doesn't make any sense.

I mean are you going to tell me that Halo and XCOM are both exactly one hundred percent the same genre because the enemy type is an alien?

I mean dear God people are you guys literally telling me you don't even understand what a genre actually is?

TacoTaru30d ago

More like Bioshock Splicers than zombies.

Christopher30d ago

Edmix, you're confusing setting genre with gameplay genre.

Setting: SciFi, fantasy, post-apocalyptic, zombie, modern, medieval, etc.

Gameplay: fps, tps, action, adventure, rpg, racing, sports, etc.

No one is comparing Days Gone to CoD zombie mode or Left 4 Dead. It is comparable to similar sp action shooters with zombies, though. It's not the same, but similar in some respects.

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CP_Company31d ago

if we take into account that "What's the difference other than the fact that these are undead that run fast?" then we can assume that Septic is a zombie. so there is no surprise to see what he is writing every day :/

Septic31d ago

I agree. I must be a zombie because I can't run fast

Skankinruby31d ago

That was the one gripe I had with that collection, GA should have been included

PhoenixUp31d ago

Days Gone will be the first intellectual property created by Bend Studio since Syphon Filter in 1999 and the first home console game developed by the studio since Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow in 2010.

Hopefully it becomes a knockout hit for the team to remind people of their greatness they can produce when working on their own original franchises. I just hope it does a lot to stand apart from comparisons to other zombie related bodies of works.

CurbStompin31d ago

Logan's Shadow was released in 2007

PhoenixUp31d ago

Yes but the game was ported to PS2 in 2010.

_-EDMIX-_31d ago

It already has in regards to standing out against other games.

To be honest there isn't really a lot of story-driven open world zombie games.

Dying Light Maybe? I think they've done a good enough job setting themselves apart from what I've seen from the previews this is literally like nothing I've ever seen before in gaming.

Travis370831d ago

I'm hoping that Days Gone turns out to be a sleeper hit. I like the idea of it. You can randomly be in a area and things react to what you do and is non-scripted. One day you could meet Wolves and the next a giant zombie bear. It just needs a solid story and a polished world.

Veneno31d ago

That could be the reason why its still in development and no release window. They could be taking extra time and care on this one! This could end up being one of the most dynamic, suprising, detailed, best looking open worlds we have ever seen!

_-EDMIX-_31d ago

Well they've been working on this game for a long number of years.

chrisx31d ago

I'm totally Hyped for Days Gone. I love all I've seen so far. Can't wait.

corroios31d ago

generic is just a excuse. I was very impress with the horde of enemies, guns, animation, backgrounds. But when will this game come out???

CP_Company31d ago

if true, what they said in E3, that all games showed in E3 will be released in 2018. in first 6 month to be exact. but again, everything can change, they really like to delay because they want to release the best games possible.

moomoo31931d ago

They said anything with "2018" at the end of the trailer was coming out in the first half of the year. This game did not have a year or date, and if GOW, Spiderman, and Detroit are all coming out 2018 it seems this is the one getting pushed back. They are even marketing TLOU pt 2 more now as if that is coming first, but who knows.

_-EDMIX-_31d ago

I didn't know it was the first 6 months I think it's more likely it's going to be fall but I would love to be wrong.

_-EDMIX-_31d ago

I'm guessing ending of next year because the game was already in development for a good long number of years.