Halo 3 Recon, Tekken 6 lead new 360 software push

Microsoft has revealed a batch of new software titles for the Xbox 360 during its keynote session at the Tokyo Game Show today, naming the Halo project recently revealed by Bungie.

Halo 3 Recon is dated for autumn 2009, and sees the return of Microsoft's number one franchise to the Xbox 360 system with new single and multiplayer content.

The latest big name franchise to make the leap to Microsoft's console is Tekken 6 from Namco Bandai, also due next autumn.

Tekken follows Final Fantasy as a franchise previously associated with Sony's PlayStation brand and highlights the recent trend for Japanese developers to go multiformat with releases.

A sequel to the Q Entertainment title Ninety Nine Nights is also due for the system, along with a handful of new Xbox Live titles including Metal Slug 7 and King of Fighters 98 Ultimate Match from SNK Playmore.

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MS Bribing3572d ago

Ah yes, Tekken 6 Bloodline, another game MS bribed for.

original seed3572d ago

There's no reason to be mad. If you love your PS3 so much just get it for that system. I wont be getting it for either system.

Fox013572d ago

Kazuya here I come!
I'm so happy I won't have to buy a PS3 for this game. I've been a Fan since Tekken 3 on PS1! Microsoft keeps surprising me (in a very pleasant way!).

Fox013572d ago

Oh I forgot. Damn it.
Well, I'll either buy that special USB adapter that enables you to plug PS2 controllers to your 360, or I'll just buy the limited edition controller with a perfected D-pad.

Problem solved.

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xhi43572d ago

Halo 3 Recon (which will be awesomee) great, that's a great software push. But why do they try to push their console with multiplatform games like Fall Out 3, Tekken 6, Call of Duty, Assasains Creed when everyone knows.........but I can get that on any other console...PC or even PS3.

obviously because they don't have the first party base like Killzone 2, God of War etc., that's why I think it's really important for Microsoft if they really want to be a big player in the long term for them to invest in good reliable AAA studios instead of throwing millions at downloadable content when for the same ammount of money Sony is producing Wipeout HD and SOCOM, two whole games.

just my thoughts.

SuicidalTendencies3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

Because most intelligent people would rather spend $200 on a 360 to buy those games instead of $400 on a PS3.

Am I the only person happy about an N3 sequel? I thought the first game was good and hopefully they improve some things for the sequel.

Alvadr3572d ago

Because 3rd party multi games is all the system has outside Halo & Gears of war. Sony have 15-20 1st part studios working on games right now, all their money is going on development whears MS money is going on buying original Sony franchises (which are still coming to the PS3 either way) and DLC for 3rd party games (even though they contradict themselves by pushing the hard-driveless arcade model).

This is just the way its gonna be this gen, but if your not a fan of Halo or GOW just go with Sony as you will get all the 3rd party games that MS have plus free online, a bluray player and wide range of first party games coming this year and next.

SkyGamer3572d ago

I agree, I am most excited about N3 sequel. I will most certainly pick this one up as I was impressed with the first one.

Firstkn1ghT3572d ago

N3 sequel was a surprise and a blessing. Definitely a winner in my book.

jahcure3572d ago

So N3 gets 5.6 on ign and you're all excited for a sequel, yet you bash Killzone 2 because its first iteration got a 7.5 on ign. Be consistent.

AAACE53572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

The fact is... alot of people buy a console for names they recognize!

With alot of the high profile titles going multiplat, it levels the playing field, and reduces the consumers list of comparisons! Basically leaving the consumer to decide... "Do I want to buy a $400 Ps3 or do I buy a $200 360?"

They will both have some of the games that people buy a console for, so I guess MS are getting the developers to bite on this by telling them, "We have the cheapest priced console, and people will buy your games more if you just make them multiplat!"

Reguardless of how you feel about either console... Price is very important, especially in times like these!

@Suicidal... Yep, N3 was an underrated game, and I am glad they are coming out with another one! Maybe this time it can get its due credit!

PS3n3603572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

After playing Resistance FOM for the first time in almost a year last night I came to a couple of realizations: a) RFOM is better than I thought its just the first chapter that was slow. b)RFOM multiplayer is the most under rated MP game ever (it rocks as good as halo mp any day of the week)the graphics are really good and the enviros are huge. c) the controller is actually good for shooters
I recently moved and had my consoles packed away for a while so when I pulled them out I decided to play with my PS3 for a change. I am now stoked on the titles coming out for it and have to say the only thing on 360 I am looking forward to is Gears. I love both my consoles but its all about the games for me.

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red_ring_of_death3572d ago

Tekken 6 lead new 360 software push haha
Tekken is outdated

Shadow Man3572d ago

You two are hurting right now.

games4fun3572d ago

i would call it a couple of software titles and even that is stretching.

the only thing you announced was an exapansion for halo, and a multiplatform game thats nothing in terms of a push, just one game that is multiplatform really.

Internet Trolling Ex3572d ago

Poor Namco Bandai,they must be going broke like microsoft

alexM3572d ago



.MS lost 200B in marketshare

.Hope it goes bankrupt soon

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