9 crime movies, books, and comics to enjoy before playing L.A. Noire

When it was originally released in 2011, Rockstar's L.A. Noire got a lot of attention for being a rather different take on the studio's usual open world crime drama. Where Grand Theft Auto was essentially a darkly comic version on the movie Scarface, L.A. Noire took a more serious approach in melding its influences of noir movies, pulpy crime novels, and open world action.

With an upgraded L.A. Noire coming to current-gen consoles, it's a great time to get in the right crime genre headspace by enjoying some relevant works of noir entertainment.

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Limbrick389d ago

Some of my additions to this list are: movies Naked City, 1948, Detective Story, 1951, L.A. Confidential, 1997, and the original Dragnet tv series, 1951 to 59. Dectective Joe Friday of Dragnet has a signature line of " Just the facts ma'am". I would not have been surprised if Cole Phelps also stated that line.

A good game in many ways most of all the uniqueness of game play, but overall L.A Noire bored me at times and had a missing life away from work for Cole Phelps. The game world while large and well constucted was much larger than needed and went to waste.