Both EA and PSX have an Image Problem

On this episode Joseph, and Antonio from Switch Talk try to see the positive sides of EA's Buyout of Respawn Entertainment, and what it means for both companies down the line. Playstation doing good by customers affected by the recent hurricanes. Destiny 2 is about to start looking better on PlayStation, bringing 4k to the system. Black Deals are coming where will the gang go to get the best deals. Lastly PlayStation Experience won't be having a conference this year, and people are furious.

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-Foxtrot399d ago

"Lastly PlayStation Experience won't be having a conference this year, and people are furious"

Urm...yes it is

December the 8th

Mr Pumblechook398d ago

Sony are not perceived in the same negative light as EA! Dishonest click bait headline.

Eonjay398d ago (Edited 398d ago )

The internet has armies of people who will literally lie to you. And here we are supposed to have people stop this stuff but some of the folks here exist to perpetuate the same lies. Just report it. Damit Garth...

mkis007398d ago

This is so damn hyperbolic! This author should be ashamed. No ones furious over psx, and anyone who was a superfan got their tickets when they released like me.

Ceaser9857361398d ago

Why would anyone be furious over PSX?? OP been smoking something..

mkis007397d ago (Edited 397d ago )

Apparently they think Sony not holding a presser on Saturday is making people furious. But they let everyone know that early bird tickets were required to attend whatever event they had planned on Friday. And frankly when I went last year, there were way too many people lined up for the presser. I got in easy, but if you left for the first 3 hours you couldnt get back in right away.

I'm pissed off that someone had the gall to lump Sony's PSX in with this article.

Aenea398d ago

Yeah weird wording, there won't be the usual press conference tho but a premade video with announcements and news. They probably misunderstood, misread or forgot the word 'press', tho I wonder why they think people are furious.

choujij398d ago (Edited 398d ago )

It's intentional and it's for them clicks.

datriax398d ago

One is only "slightly" worse of a problem than the other. I won't mention any names.

DreadGara398d ago

Shy troll or Slightly Shy bot, pick a name for yourself and don't be shy.

Hardiman398d ago

Must have missed the memo about being furious as it is I'm excited for PSX! Also strange choice to hve EA and PSX in the title. Reason being when I think of Sony or any of their events EA is the last company I think of.

TheColbertinator398d ago (Edited 398d ago )

PSX is a public conference intended for everyday gamers to play recent and upcoming games brought by sony and the third parties. Complaining about PSX is like complaining of PAX or Gamescon. Pointless.

Profchaos398d ago

EA yeah screw them but psx is great

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The story is too old to be commented.