Sony's keynote round up from the business meeting

Here is the round up of the SCEJ keynote from the business meeting:

13:08 - President Hirai takes the stage. Talks about and emphasizes the quality of PSP package titles and PSN titles.
13:10 - Sean...Leiden(?) of SCEJ takes the stage
13:12 - New PS3 SKU announced. 80gb, dualshock 3, 39980yen including tax starting 10/30. Colors are same as before; silver, black, white
13:15 - GT5P and LBP bundles will also go on sale at the same time
13:18 - PS Store for PSP starting on 10/15
13:19 - In the near future, PSP disc based games will be downloadable
13:21 - Using PS3 for PSP adhoc mode will be available starting 10/30 and will be called Adhoc Party. Monsterhunter 2G will be ready to go from the first day.
13:28 - Announcing uses for PS Home. Creators from Capcom, BanNam are talking very enthusiastically about PS Home.
13:28 PS Home participants = 24 companies (not sure if it's game related companies or other companies for ads and stuff)
13:37 - PS Home will commence open beta service within CY2008
13:39 - Rumored PS2 emulation coming in new firmware has been debunked.

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tocrazed4you3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

Conferences please and its official. Ps3 will own japan with the new gt5 and lbp bundle.

Beast_Master3571d ago

That is it for Sony's Press confrence? Where The F*** are the 9 unannouced titles or was this just a press confrence for Home? I hope they do something more than this for TGS, Where is White Knight, ICO, Naughty Dog, Sony Japan, Liverpool and Incognito and your other 20 studios. We know of one secret PS3 exclusive, Tecmo's new game. Someone please tell me they have a big shin dig on Friday planned or I am going to be pissed!

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Raoh3572d ago

so with the ad hoc.. does that mean the ps3 will serve as a server for the psp?

Omegasyde3572d ago

Correct, but I wonder how they are going to do it?

I wonder how you find other player? Do you go on the internet and ask for peoples's IP adresses?

Also every PSP game going digital is biggest news so far to come out of TGS IMHO.

pwnsause3572d ago

it means you will be able to play adhoc only PSP games will turn into online PSP games via the PS3.


PErhaps, HOME will be the portal for the psp to find players while youre on the go.

MAkes sense to me.

tocrazed4you3572d ago

The death of UMD has been confirmed future games will be downloadable...

THWIP3572d ago

...and PS3 faqboys said MS's announcements were lame. Sony spent as much time on the the PS3, just like with E3.

ThatCanadianGuy3572d ago

This wasn't there Conference dumbass.It didn't even start yet.

Max Power3572d ago

show the 9 unannounced ps3 titles?

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The story is too old to be commented.