SNK Announces That They Are Profitable Again After Pivoting Back To Video Games

The Japanese developer has righted their ship after a bumpy few years.

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Godmars29064d ago

About all that can be said, aside from hoping anything else they revive - Metal Slug - or new IP is successful.

Kun_ADR64d ago

I want to see a third person or first person 3D Metal Slug title. It would be awesome if done right.

Minimox1663d ago

@Kun_ADR there was a 3th person Metal Slug in PS2 and was good, i think was call Metal Slug 3D

rye7464d ago

Good for SNK. The new King of Fighters is great!!

spreadlove64d ago

Would be a lot better if 8t was released on Xbox too. Instead Japanese developer shuns Xbox again.

Fist4achin64d ago

SNK tried their hand at the gambling machines and it didnt pan out the way they thought it would.
Even casinos themselves are suffering because now there are gambling parlors everywhere. Plus a lot of bars and restaurants have a handful of machines in a section. I think casinos will become obsolete like most arcades in the near future. I do miss arcades as there are not too many around anymore...

LastCenturyRob64d ago

Great! Now let's see a sequel to Magician Lord!

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The story is too old to be commented.