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An aggressive microtransaction model hurts what is otherwise a great Star Wars experience.

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frostlatch392d ago

Im starting to think outlets are rating the game lower just for the sake of rating it lower and going with the trend. EA does deserve to hurt and burn but its hard to trust these reviews right now.

Ashunderfire86392d ago

Read the review, Game Informer still thinks it is a good game, but the microtransaction and the lackluster campaign is the culprit. I heard the campaign is just 4 hours long! What a waste man. They manage to make this worst than the first one that had less content.

EatCrow391d ago

If you read the review...youll get it.

First realize that MP is the MAIN component of the a pay to win progression tied with it is bound to be a problem.

CrimsonWing69392d ago (Edited 392d ago )

I’m getting tired of agendas being pushed in reviews. People saying it’s a good game but micro transactions. I’m going to buy this and never buy any micro transactions. Nor do I care to unlock everything in the game. I’m going to beat the campaign and then just play the mp in bursts between other games.

I don’t believe not buying the game is the answer. If you want to play it then play it. If you want to buy micro transactions then buy them. Don’t let people tell you what to do with your money just because they’re upset about the implementation of a model in a game.

Like I said I’m not spending any money on loot boxes. That’s how I’ll vote against them but if someone decides to buy them so be it.

moegooner88392d ago

" Like I said I’m not spending any money on loot boxes. That’s how I’ll vote against them but if someone decides to buy them so be it."

Like EA gives a crap about your vote, they already have your money, you can burn the game for all they care.

CrimsonWing69392d ago

They’d um have my money even if loot boxes didn’t exist if I’m interested in a game I’ll buy it. I’m interested in this one.

EatCrow391d ago (Edited 391d ago )

I dont think you get it.
If this is successfull it will encourage other devs to do the same...lots of money.
If they do the far will they go?
It may come to a point where you get owned unless you pay more...they can and will take it in that direction.

So yes it will affect you. And it does affect you know if you go against another player just as skilled but has that extra upgrade that they paid for that you a standoff you die and he wins.

CrimsonWing69391d ago

It doesn't bother me in the least, quite honestly.

EatCrow391d ago


It will. Unless it gets fixed...which at least in your case I really really hope you get to experience pay to win models affect your gaming experience.

Relientk77391d ago

Good all reviewers should mention the microtransactions