The Top 10 Assassins From Assassin's Creed

Leif: Today is Assassin’s Creed’s 10th year Anniversary which is a milestone for the game and the company Ubisoft. Ten long years of spilling blood and wreaking havoc across generations of assassins. On this fateful day, we commemorate and remember the top 10 best assassins from the series. These are my personal picks and the ones that stood out for me.

I will not include assassins from the AC Chronicles since I haven’t played those so this will only come from the bigger games that came out on major platforms and I will also include the one from the movie. I will not include Edward Kenway in this list since he never joined the brotherhood of Assassins. So here they are without further adieu.

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InMyOpinion392d ago

They were all pretty weak and forgettable characters imo. The fake italian accent of Ezio was extremely cringeworthy.