Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds Review [PS4 Pro] - An Icy Return for the Nora Warrior | Dpad Joy

Chris Wheatley from Dpad Joy writes: The Frozen Wilds provides the same cut-throat combat action mixed with strategic RPG elements you'll find in the original gameplay of Horizon Zero Dawn. Introducing new elemental weapons, more characters with deep personalities and troubling issues, as well as plenty of upgrades, enhancements and resources to keep the player scavenging for top-quality gear. Any fan of the machine smashing RPG/adventure is sure to get lost in the visually stunning tundra and dramatically gripping story of the bow-wielding huntress.

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C-H-E-F395d ago

I bought it, but I didn't play it yet, i'm on my New Game + playthrough on ultra hard finally got all of the trophies except the training dummies and the one where all the homies show up for the last fight. So as I platinum the game I will segue myself into the frozen wilds DLC. I hear it's about 15hours long so that's great seeing that I paid 9.99 for it because EA gave us 5$ back on NBA Live because users played the game earlier than we did (digital purchase) and i'm a plus member :)