Call of Duty: WWII’s Campaign Is Great Until The Ending

EB: Call of Duty: WWII’s campaign is very enjoyable thanks to the characters, the cutscenes, and the varied gameplay segments, but its final mission and epilogue leave the experience feeling a bit hollow.

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glenn1979370d ago

meeehhhh the game is wash and rinse same, all the cod gameplay feel the same

The7Reaper370d ago

No shit Sherlock, of course they're not going to drastically alter an already established formula, no game that's been around for years and years does that.

DonkeyWalrus370d ago

No game except Halo. Bastards at 343 can't help but change everything for the sake of change, driving fans away.

I don't think franchises like Call of Duty, Halo, etc with an established formula need to make drastic changes. People became fans of those games because of the way they play, so it makes sense to keep the same formula in those games. Just make improvements to the overall experience and add new content. Don't change things for no reason. Save that for new IP.

Summons75370d ago

You should probably take a look then because a lot of game franchises will change things up. COD is garbage because they don't try anything new. BOTW is up for game of the year and that changed things up. RE7 was fantastic because not only did the change things up going back to a horror setting but the choice to go first person paid off well. RE4 also changed things up and people love that game. Final Fantasy XV drastically changed its combat and it worked out great. Assassin's Creed Origins also revamped the series and that seems to be paying off. Of course, there is a lot of games that get changed and aren't good because of the change.

Fact is though, you can't reskin the same game every year. COD has been bland for many years because Activision doesn't allow creative freedom. I would have been completely in for that 3rd Person Vietnam Call of Duty that was leaked but never greenlit.

alexh370d ago

Guess i can agree with this! Last mission was abit meh! Cod infinites last mission was spot on! One of the best missions from all the cods in my oppinion.