Why Super Mario Stands as One of the Best Series of All Time

Screen Critics' Chase investigates why the Super Mario series has endured the test of time and maintains the rank of one of best game series of all time.

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Moonman27d ago

Proud to say that Super Mario Bros. was the first video game I ever owned. Mario is a true icon.

chrisx27d ago

Same here. The 1st stage in a video game I ever played was world 1-1,felt like magic at the time. Nintendo took very good care of Mario.

ScreenCritics26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

Mario holds a very special place for me. M64 was the first console game I bought myself. I saved my pocket money up for months to get it when it launched in the UK.

Gr8b8m826d ago

Why do you have a sense of pride about that?

marloc_x26d ago

The dawn of a truly unique innovation of our hobby?