What Does Nintendo Have Left Up their Sleeves for Switch?

Though there are a couple of big releases for the Switch left this year, Nintendo hasn’t given any definitive dates for titles beyond 2017. But, with a little research, we’ve been able to turn our crystal balls to the future and predict what their various first-party teams might be up to right this second.

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Moonman369d ago (Edited 369d ago )

Yes, there hasn't been two Mario Karts on one Nintendo system but that can change this time. The Wii saw two Super Mario Galaxy's and the N64 saw two brand new Zelda's. Mario Kart 9 will release on Switch because Switch is one of Nintendo's very best systems. The attach rate is phenomenal and Mario Kart 9 has potential to be huge.

Retro is either working on a new IP or Donkey Kong (something). If it's DK, I hope it's 3D. That would just be a huge system mover.

Mr Marvel368d ago

I’d be happy if Tropical Freeze made it to Switch as I never got to play that.

A new 2D or 3D DK would be awesome too though.

EddieNX 369d ago

It's been out for 7 months so we've not even scratched the surface yet. Many more games and a more powerful redesign on the way.

wonderfulmonkeyman368d ago

A redesign isn't likely.
It's a hybrid, and as long as Nintendo has the 3DS, which is still selling well, it isn't likely that they'll put out a new Switch in any sort of short order.

Gemmol368d ago

I don't you read Nintendo latest details they label the 3ds as 10 and lower now, and anyone above 10 should have a switch which why they put a younger team that includes new people on the 3ds and move all the main teams and talents to the switch, so anything on the 3ds do not reflect the switch because the switch can be its own thing and get its own redesign when its time

Tiqila368d ago

Considering the many redesigns of the Nintendo DS (DS, DS light, DSi) or 3DS (3DS, 3DS XL, New 3DS, New 3DS XL, 2DS, New 2DS) I think a redesign of the Switch is very possible, maybe in a year or two.

wonderfulmonkeyman368d ago

@Gemmol and Tiqila
I'm not saying it's impossible, but the fact that Nintendo made a hybrid instead of just another handheld, while still keeping the 3DS around, makes me feel that they'll probably treat it more like a home console, in regards to redesigns.
In other words, it likely won't get one, since last three consoles before it didn't get one before their time on the market was completely up.

EddieNX 368d ago

I recon we will see a few redesigns down the line. A more powerful version that plays the same games but with higher resoloution wouldn't surprise me 2 years from now

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FallenAngel1984368d ago

Hopefully a new Donkey Kong game will be on the horizon

Prince_TFK368d ago

Off the top of my head, these are the first party franchises that they haven’t touched or already announced but haven’t released yet:

Smash Bros
Animal Crossing
Luigi Mansion
Star Fox
Kid Icarus

There still a long way to go before they run out of franchises. Plus, they could always make new ones.

silkrevolver368d ago

I think the only two not mentioned in the article were Luigi and Kid Icarus, but they very well could show up.

Tazzy368d ago

I'm sure Nintendo has more up its sleeve than people think I mean they re-registered the Eternal Darkness trademark so I wouldn't doubt if thats on the way. More games they started to take a gamble on new ips they're really not known for doing it but they have with the Switch we'll see Donkey Kong Metroid maybe a Wave Race return. If I were Nintendo I'd try to nab the 007 license I think Retro would do a wonderful job with it and its sure to sell like Goldeneye did.

Cyro368d ago

They've renewed the trademark for Eternal Darkness multiple times over the years now so I honestly don't think it means anything but I hope I'm wrong.

Tazzy368d ago

Yeah same here I thought the game was great and deserves more sequels but maybe a remaster first would be awesome to.

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