8 Nintendo Switch Ports We'd Rather See Before L.A. Noire

We're still waiting for that Smash Bros. port, Nintendo.

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ABizzel163d ago

Came expecting 8 different games, got trilogy and prequel taking up 3 additional slots.

1. Smash
2. Bayonetta 1 & 2
3. Bioschok Trilogy (not a fan of motion controls in most games, but could work for plasmids)
4. Borderlands: Handsome Jack Collection
5. GTAV (it should be able to run on here, game file size is the only thing holding it back)
6. COD4: Modern Warfare Remastered (mainly for finding out how to better their online)
7. Dark Souls Trilogy
8. Majority of JP 3rd party games (Metal Gear V, Tekken 7, RE 1 Remastered, etc...)

Honorable Mentions:
Mass Effect Trilogy
Batman Return to Arkham
Kingdom Hearts games (a chance for KH3)

Concertoine59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

I'd want to see a re-release of Melee on the same engine with new stages, online play and maybe tweaking some of the useless characters.

Imo it'd make more sense than Smash 4 given the eternal esports hype of Melee.

ABizzel158d ago


YES x 100. Melee would be preferred, but I doubt it'll happen.

Neonridr64d ago

yes to any of those games really.

alexgibson64d ago

Yeah, sounds like FFXV will come to Switch, if it runs...

ZeekQuattro63d ago

Its coming. SquareEnix is trying to recoup losses on FFXV. What with Tekken 7 X FFXV and that AC tie in. lol The next step is porting the game to even more platforms.

Concertoine59d ago

That seems like a ton of effort to port that game to UE 4 just for the Switch though.

DJK1NG_Gaming64d ago

Here my take:
-DARK SOULS TRILOGY - Okay....I guess
-SOUTH PARK: THE STICK OF TRUTH AND THE FRACTURED BUT WHOLE - Okay.....Snowdrop Engine is fully compatible with the Switch.

TallonIV63d ago

I think the Bioshock Collection would be a great addition to the Switch library.

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