Hey Square-Enix, Did PlayStation Fans Betray You?

Ben Dutka of writes:

You know, I've been thinking. Somehow, this whole thing must be our fault. There's no other logical explanation. So my question is, what exactly did we do?

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TheColbertinator3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

It mainly had to do with the launch.Square Enix spent so much on the Crystal Tools and Fabulla Nova Crytallis that they looked for solutions to not bleed money until the three games arrived.Microsoft most likely made a contribution to getting Star Ocean 4 and Final Fantasy XIII and Infinite Undiscovery was a joint project obviously.As an owner of all consoles and handhelds I dont care for exclusives because I have nothing to lose and more choices to gain.However I do wonder sometimes if a Square game will ever come out for PS3.Square Enix wants to make money and it seems Dragon Quest remakes,PSP games and 360/Wii games haven't yielded the profit that SE was used to back in the PS2 era.

Lets see how a SE game does in the PS3 before we jump to conclusions about "bribes".Because maybe the PS3 will either be the dark horse or the "Xbox" of this generation(no Japanese support,bleeding money etc).

Breakfast3572d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

Playstation fans are all emo.

Omegasyde3572d ago

...and Xbox users are Goths who simply have joy watching other people suffer getting off on depressing poetry.

Breakfast, don't forget to put on your black nail-polish and lipstick on.

The Dark Knight3572d ago

excuse you breakfest. i own a 360 and ps3 and your calling me a emo :O you just bagged your own kind (kinda) for shame!

Xelai3572d ago

What did Nintendo fans did before?

It is in their DNA, but worry not, in theory Sony has a stake in SE stock, so it is impossible for them tojust forget about the PS3.

ChrisGTR13572d ago

its pretty clear that ps3 owners are just ps2 "fanboys" while 360 owners are xbox 1 and PS2 owners with no prefrence other than to play great games irregardless of platform. just like the ps2 was for last gen , the 360 is for this gen.

nieto23572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

how is that you @Breakfast are always saying irrelevant things and manage to keep your bubbles? what's you secret?

@ChrisGTR1 -WTF you just said? LOL 0-0
-last gen was different because even though the PS2 got the lowers specs of all console it still got a {{{-HUGE-}}} library of games compared to the other consoles but this gen the PS3 and X360 are having more or less the same games and same specs... i can count practically with one hand all the JRPG that are out on the market right now something that was entirely different from the last gen.

the difference between the X360 and PS3 about the amount of games it's not at the epic wide margin as last gen. so don't try to spin the sh1t to put the X360 as the better console.

ChrisGTR13572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

you can count the ammount of 360 rpgs in one hand? well i dont know if youve noticed but... you couldnt count the ps3 exclusive rpgs in one know why? cause theres absolutely 0.
its almost pathetic, the 360 has more japanese support than the ps3 does! and the ps2 was the home for all jrpgs last gen.
your acting like a xbox 1 fanboy when im trying to convince you of buying a ps2 you know. times have changed. now its the other way around.i dunno but i suggest you guys jump in or your gonna be left out in the cold this gen. before you know it 2 years turn to 3 , 3 to 4, and 4 to 5 and the 720 and ps4 will come out and youll still be waiting for your "AAA" games.

hay3572d ago

This is lame. As we know game development is getting more expensive so in order to maximize profit/minimize loss devs are making multiplatforms. It has nothing to do with "us" or "them" or whatever. It's just business.
If you're making shoes for ladies, sooner or later you'll start making men's shoes for more profit. Making juice? Will start making yoghurt. As simple as that.

prunchess3572d ago

Square need to be very careful about alienating it’s customer fanbase. I have bought a copy of every FF that has been released since FF7, including a DS version and have managed to complete 3 of these. I have always found these games addictive. (the stories tend to be a bit out there!) And though none of the games are perfect they have been very worthwhile purchasing due to the size of the games.

I fear that this will end now that it has been announced for the 360.

I have no doubt that GTA4 was a fraction of the size of San Andreas due to its release on the 360. When Tiger Woods 2006 was released for the 360, none of us could believe how few courses were on the game compared to the PS2 release for the year previous. But then it occurred to us that the 360 dvd could only hold about 7 gigs max using dual layer dvds. So fans of Tiger Woods were getting less content for more money due to this. Graphics are no substitute for game-play and variety.

Square will do this to FF13. Fans will receive a cut down version for retail release and the content that wont fit onto the 360 dvd version will be made available only as purchasable DLC for 360 and PS3 owners. Should this happen I will not purchase FF13, end of story.

Many gamers think that the competition in the industry will bring down prices. Maybe prices would if the playing field was level, when it came to the media being used. It is not and we the consumer are losing out due to this.

It’s a pity that MS completely ditched the HD-DVD, I thought they would have at least held onto it for the 360 games (due to the large amount of data it held), then PS3 and 360 owners wouldn’t be getting ripped off with DLC.

Maybe this has been a selling point that MS has been using for pushing for games that were exclusive to PS3 and are not now. “Hey Mr. Game Developer, release your game on our dvds. You won’t fit as much content on our disks but anything you can’t fit you can charge extra for!”

Sucks doesn’t it!

hay3571d ago

That's a pretty strong point you have there dude. Bubbles.

AAACE53571d ago

It is like I said before... Ever since Final Fantasy 7, every FF game since then has sold almost 1 million units less than the previous one!

I would imagine that their other franchises suffered the same situation.

The logical thing to do would be to find a way to branch out to as many gamers as you can!

Square/Enix is not mad at you sony fans, they are just trying to survive! They can't make these graphically beautiful games only to have the same sales (or lower) than the last game release! They are putting more money into these games, and can't afford to have the same sales!

I know people are pissed and feel betrayed! But would you rather have a game released as multiplat... or not released at all?

AAACE53571d ago

Hahaha, You do know that alot of the people who bought a Ps2, and probably own a Ps3 are Goths, and you just insulted your fellow fan!

The consoles black, and they like the color black.... put 2 and 2 together!

Seriously though, alot of people who bought the Ps2 were goths, and it seems likely that they would buy a Ps3 as well!

Truthfully, on XBL, it seems like the majority of the people I run into are potheads, game-aholics.

SolidSnake933571d ago

The word your looking for is regardless, irregardless creates a double negative.

hay3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

@AAACE5: going your way, Xbox is white, you racist bastards!
Although I agree with your previous statement, it's business.

Sure, I would love to see it as PS3 exclusive, since games exclusive to one system tend to be a bit higher quality but well, if it's awesome, if it brings back spirit of FF, awesome story and addictive gameplay, it can be released even on pretty much every system on the market.

As for Star Ocean, didn't like it much since snes era. I'm not saying it's bad, I liked fighting mechanics, but it just didn't hooked me.

Lyan3571d ago

C'mon dude, the size of a dvd had nothing to do with the drop in size from earlier TW to later ones, same for GTA4. It has much more to do with the amount of profits made from downloadable content. Your point of a PS2 game having more courses vs a xbox 360 version b/c of dvd is moot due to the size difference between cd(ps2) and dvd(360). Obviously graphics/processing is better and requires more space, but proportionally to increased size demands the dvd still has more then enough space. Like I said, it has more to do with downloadable content. Why make 60 bucks off a game when you can make even more by charging people for extra content?

Keele3571d ago

Goths who enjoy watching people suffer? PLEASE.

We never do anything and when we do something it's exactly the same thing YOU do. To call us goths who enjoy peoples suffering is like calling yourselves goths who enjoy peoples suffering because you're no different from we.

Whenever you get a game from us, you shove it in our faces. You troll our boards. You spam RROD and go on about how much 360 sucks.

We, just do the same as you.

sumfood4u3571d ago

Guess us PS3 owners have nothing to look forwards to this Season.

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tocrazed4you3572d ago

Yochi wada became a beap and got money hungry. That pretty much says it all.

Omegasyde3572d ago

Well. No. Square likes Money and Microsoft likes #%@%@# over PS3 users by having them wait longer for games.

Tarasque3572d ago

Kid's and their article's *rolls eyes*.

Wow this site get's worse and worse daily. Not only do i have to put up with ad's coming to this site now, you have to deal with.......ah screw it doesn't matter.