Review: Star Wars Battlefront II buries a good game under baggage | GameCrate

Star Wars Battlefront II has solid core gameplay and offers a wide variety of content to enjoy, but at the moment it's hard to look past the loot crate issues in order to appreciate what the game does well.

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OmnislashVer36398d ago

Isn't that score about 7 points too high?

bigmalky398d ago

Fuck off journalist shills. You should be knocking 5 points off automatically for mictotransaction linked progression, especially ones that offer miniscule reward by just playing.

Just because you get sent a review copy, does not mean publishers are your masters. You have to remember, that while you are not paying £50 for the base game, the rest of us would be, and by ignoring that fact, you are influencing people to buy a game they will have to commit immense amounts of time or money to get the best out of it.


datriax398d ago

You misspelled "garbage".

Baggage .... garbage.... honest mistake I guess.