The Game Awards 2017 Nominees Revealed

The Game Awards will host its fourth annual ceremony on Dec. 7, 2017 at the Microsoft Theater. Here is the nominee listing.

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Relientk77367d ago

Glad to see Persona 5 and Horizon Zero Dawn up for so many awards, including Game of the Year. 2 of my favorite games this year.

TheGamersGhost367d ago

I expected Horizon Zero Dawn but, for some reason, Persona 5 surprises (and delights) me. Also glad to see Hellblade walking away with 5 nominations.

sammarshall102367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

Horizon is a good game (finished it twice) but it doesn't belong on a GOTY list Nier: Automata should be on this list

With that being said if GG works on making the open world more lively and work on the side quest then Horizon 2 should be awesome.

nowitzki2004367d ago

@sam You forgot to add IMO.

sammarshall102367d ago

@Nowitzki yeah I did but I really don't believe Horizon does anything special, I think it would've been a lot better without its enormous but dull open-world

In fact, I think Horizon would've been better off as a linear game its pacing would've been better too

darthv72367d ago

My vote goes to Horizon for GOTY. It's fresh, new and adventurous.

Razzer367d ago

lol.....of course Horizon Zero Dawn belongs on the list. smh

morganfell367d ago

" doesn't belong on a GOTY list "

Too bad a truckload of fans AND developers disagree with you.

andrewsquall367d ago

@sammarshall102 Lol I'm going to call LYING on that. You didn't think it was all that but you "finished it twice"??? Get out of here with that.

How about this, its on here because even somebody who apparently doesn't even like the game put in the time and completed it twice............ and its not even a game with massive consequential choices in its story either to warrant a second playthrough within 9 months.

Well done Guerilla ^_^

sammarshall102367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

@Morganfell There's also a truckload of fans that think Horizon is very overrated

Go to this exact thread topic on Gaf and you'll see people that praise Horizon but a lot of people think it doesn't deserve GOTY also

+ Graphics
+ enemy design
- redundant side quests
- bland open world
- bad melee combat

I did enjoy fighting bellowbacks and tramplers though

Nier: Automata is the better game in every way besides graphics and Nier is a good looking game too

sammarshall102367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

@Andrewsquall I could've beaten Horizon 5 or more times with how many hours I've put into it but all I do in the game is search for Tramplers and Bellowbacks because I like seeing them explode when you hit their vulnerable parts

I often play Horizon trying to convince myself that it's this game of the generation but it's just not

The Witcher 3 probably had more to do with me not loving Horizon TBH

I've put double the amount of hours into The Witcher 3 and soon Nier: Automata which I've also finished

Razzer366d ago

“There's also a truckload of fans that think Horizon is very overrated“

Yeah....mostly Xbox fans. There a lot of people who think Zelda is overrated. Including me. But it still deserves to be on the list.

UCForce366d ago

@sammarshall102 You are not helping here,buddy.

AspiringProGenji366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

Lol “Bad melee combat.” Whay combat? Horizon didn’t revolve around melee mechanics. It was just optional. It was all about the bow and mobility which you didn’t bother to mention.

Cheery pick all you want. There’s no way you can troll it mate l. Horizon is goty material

Steveoreno1366d ago

@sammarshall102 you played a different game than I did....twice

P_Bomb366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

Hellblade for audio and performance.
Nier for score.
Nioh for action.
Edith Finch for impact.

Yakuza 0 deserves a narrative nomination. THe amount of interwoven and good story/characters dwarf the other nominees.

Well, I platinumed both and am still playing Horizon via DLC. Nier’s 3 playthroughs across predominantly the same areas were a grind and dimmed it’s shine somewhat. If you found Horizon’s open world bland, Nier’s seasonless empty shoulda killed ya.

366d ago
spreadlove366d ago (Edited 366d ago )


More than a truckload of fans buy CoD too every year and pay for micro transactions.

sammarshall102365d ago

@Razzer I'm a fan of both consoles and Horizon isn't that good, sorry

sammarshall102365d ago

@Aspiring GG included Melee combat so therefore they intended on players to use it. Are you trying to say you play Horizon without using any melee attacks? Lol

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-Foxtrot367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

I hope Horizon gets some love when they announce some of the winners...a great game, with a good concept (robo dinosaurs..come on) and it's a brand new IP.

We wanted new IPs...we got one. Not saying it deserves the love just on that merit but you have to give it credit for taking a risk in today's industry.

"PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds"

GOTY...why? Wasted spot no?

UCForce367d ago

GG deserves to get a lot of credits.

-Foxtrot367d ago


Although the voice acting picks...I'm torn

Ashly Burch or Claudia Black

UCForce367d ago

Me ? I vote Ashly Butch. She did phenomenal job play as Aloy.

Ducky367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

Not sure why PUBG got a GOTY nomination when it isn't even released yet.
Would've liked to see NieR there instead.

Still, 2017 has been a phenomenal year, and it's nice to see so many single-player games on the GOTY list.

andrewsquall367d ago

Lol I think the big question is why PUGB when it isn't even properly finished and released lol.

jacksmith56367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

would not say pbug is a waste of a spot it pushed the genre in a creative way for that it deserves to be in the spot i prefer zero dawn to it but it should be recognized as a contender at least

Razzer366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

"”PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds"

GOTY...why? Wasted spot no?“

More like sponsored spot. It has mixed reviews on steam and isn’t out of beta. This is just silly.

But thankfully there is no single GOTY. (whoever they are) can compare this to the oscars, but it is far from it. There is no equivalent in gaming and multiple games will garner GOTY awards, like always.

Chexs1990366d ago

PUBG isn't even eligible for a GoTY, it's just weird. Since when can early access games be GoTY? :P
It's not even a full game yet, so yes, I agree with you dude, it's just a waste of space.

Prince_TFK366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

PUBG’s spot should have been given to Divinity Original Sin 2.

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WickedLester367d ago

It's probably Zelda's or Mario Odyssey's to lose for GOTY. But I'm glad to see the nods for Horizon and Persona 5.

AKS366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

I expected Nier: Automata to be treated similarly to how the Academy Awards treats David Lynch's best movies, and that's pretty much the case. Wow, we see something good seemed to have went on here but WTF did you just put us through?! Have a few nominations for artistry so we can focus on something safe and easily understood instead.

Themba76366d ago

and i have yet to finish either of them this is why i dont need an xbox one x

mafiahajeri366d ago

I wanna see what Rocksteady have up their sleeve.

rezzah364d ago

Playing Persona 5 now and it is amazing. Already platinumed Horizon but so far Persona is more enjoyable (that soundtrack!)

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Toby_1981367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

A lot of first party and third-party exclusives are on this list from Nintendo and Sony. Not that many third-party multiplatform games on the list.
Best Anticipated Game list.

The Last of Us Part II
Red Dead Redemption II
Monster Hunter World
Marvel’s Spider-Man
God of War

Best Action / Adventure Game

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy
Assassin’s Creed Origins
Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Super Mario Odyssey
Horizon Zero Dawn

TheGamersGhost367d ago

I'm actually have a rather difficult time thinking of an exclusive Microsoft game that launched this year. Halo Wars 2? Was there anything else?

Nyxus367d ago

Cuphead and Forza 7 (although they're also on PC).

Toby_1981367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

That's because Microsoft rely's mostly on third party multiplatform games now.

Ashlen367d ago


Cuphead isn't a Microsoft studio game. MDHR is a fully independent company.

Eldyraen367d ago

He asked for MS exclusive, didn’t specify MS developed.

Cuphead will probably win art direction but doubt it will win anything else. Maybe Independent or score though.

Forza is iffy but always a contender for its main category. A couple good competitors in racing scene depending on platform.

Nintendo or Sony have heavy hitters for exclusives. MS didn’t do much this year worth noting other than helping Cuphead, release yet another Forza and of course the X—which would lose to switch in a hardware competition I have to imagine even with power difference.

Halo Wars as strategy game is a joke almost. I’d easily vote Mario+Rabbids over it and then there are more traditional real-time competition (and xcom Expansion).

Liqu1d367d ago

@Eldyraen He said "Microsoft game". That means a game from MS, Cuphead isn't a MS game in any sense. It's independently developed and it's even available on Steam.

_-EDMIX-_367d ago

@Nyxus- So none? I mean....they are on PC, doesn't that mean XONE had basically zero?

TheGamersGhost367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

I did mean any exclusive game for the Xbox, my apologies on my wording.

That's pretty telling, though, that even with the broader scope, the same three titles have been mentioned. I loved my Xbox for a while, but the fact that Microsoft has been really lacking on development and third-parties aren't even producing exclusively for it, I may have to make a switch soon - or go back to PC.

*edit* I haven't used this site in a while - is there a glitch when it comes to replying? I couldn't directly reply to anyone in this thread.

leoms366d ago

Cuphead is xbox's saving grace and it's not even exclusive

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Outside_ofthe_Box366d ago

That anticipated list is a real tough one. Every single one of those games have the potential to be something truly special.

366d ago
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northpaws366d ago

This is why I love my PS4, I can play all 5 of the best anticipated Games, the anticipations is through the roof!!

TheKingKratos366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

Bu...buuu...but they say exclusives are something no one cares about yet look at the games that win GOTY awards and look at the most anticipated games are .....3 out 5 games are Playstation exclusives

HeisenbergX366d ago

Well that's because Playstation and Nintedno ruleeee

blackblades366d ago

I see alot of Mario and zelda pretty sure they'll win half and horizon.

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UCForce367d ago

My vote is for Horizon Zero Dawn.

-Foxtrot367d ago

I'd like to see a new IP win aswell...but considering Zelda and Mario are on there I doubt it's going to. Shame

UCForce367d ago

Ugh, you are right about that. If HZD won GOTY 2017 (which is impossible), that would show the gaming industry that making new IP can be worth it.

Neonridr367d ago

@UCForce - pretty sure the game has sold extremely well and was reviewed very highly. Will easily win best Playstation game of the year hands down. Just because it doesn't win the big award at the end of the year, that doesn't mean that it was a wasted effort. Here is a potential new series in the making thanks to GG taking a risk.

-Foxtrot367d ago

Yeah it might send a message out to the gaming industry

"HOLY F****** SHIT...a brand new AAA game just won against Zelda and Mario. Maybe our studio should be taking more risks and doing things like GG which are completely different genre wise to our last game"

Imalwaysright367d ago

It should have a best new IP category.

TekoIie365d ago (Edited 365d ago )

@foxtrot + UCForce

Wouldn't make a difference. The award has absolutely no influence when it comes to industry trends.

-Foxtrot365d ago


It should because "best youtuber"..."best esports team"..."best esports player"...I mean they are such wasted categories why do we have them

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zivtheawesome367d ago

Yea me as well. Sadly probably the votes will go for Zelda. Will be hilarious if Zelda and Mario's votes will be so split it somehow wins though lol. (Most hilarious case is if both Zelda and Mario votes are split and horizon and persona splits and so PUBG will somehow wins xD, although this'll also be pretty sad.)

Neonridr367d ago

I think Zelda and/or Mario rightfully deserve as much GOTY consideration as you feel Horizon does. There is no sad outcome if any of those 3 titles win as they all deserve it for various reasons.

ninsigma367d ago

Hmmm nah it's pretty sad if Zelda wins. Painfully average game. Mario and Horizon on the other hand both deserve a good shot at it (haven't played the rest of em so can't judge). I think, even though horizon is my favorite game this year, Mario probably deserves it more simply because it's extremely imaginative with amazing gameplay that keeps adding as you go along while horizon uses alot of standard open world principles.

zackeroniii366d ago

what about B A T T L E F R O N T 2 ?

WelkinCole366d ago

@ninsigma. Agree on Mario. As much as I love Horizon Mario is really something else.

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Deep-throat367d ago ShowReplies(2)
Nyxus367d ago

I'm sure Zelda will win but my choice for GOTY would be Horizon. That said I haven't played Mario Odyssey yet.

TheGamersGhost367d ago

I actually wouldn't be surprised if Odyssey wound up taking it. It's definitely going to one of the Nintendo titles, though.

Nyxus367d ago

Yes, Odyssey is also a very strong contender.

Neonridr367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

Odyssey really is a masterpiece. As much as I loved Zelda, Odyssey makes me feel like I am playing Mario 64 all over again, except done so much better.

Nyxus367d ago

Sounds very promising!

Persian_Immortal366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

Overall Zelda will win Game Of The Year i called it before it even came out, and looks like i was right https://gotypicks.blogspot.... Zelda has 4 confirmed Goty wins, even if it dont win TGA its going to win Overall GOTY, shame for Horizon but fan power and being estabilished wins look at Uncharted 4 and Witcher 3.

-Foxtrot367d ago

No love for the Evil Within 2 survival horror wise but Resident Evil 7 gets some mentions...come on.