EA: Live services plus subscriptions equals "uncapped" monetisation

CFO Blake Jorgensen discusses how publisher is becoming less dependent on new titles, growing a more stable business.

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Nyxus366d ago

"We find people play twice as many games, they spend twice as long on them, and they spend twice as much money, because you've reduced the cost of trial to close to zero."

There you have it.

UCForce366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

Not every publishers are perfect, but EA is the worst of all. They deserve to be called The Worst Company of America or even the World.

Godmars290364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

Then as the worst company they deserve to be out of business. Yet they're only making money - because consumers are dumb.

364d ago
rainslacker364d ago

EA repairing those bridges I see.

For all the scrambling this company has done the past week or so, this guy just tears it all apart and exposes publicly what everyone already knew EA was about.

My God, did this guy even think before he spoke? Is this supposed to be an excuse to piss off a significant portion of your potential customer base? No matter the reasons why EA is doing it, it's obvious there are lots of customers who don't approve of it, and EA is more concerned with the 5-10% of players who actually spend more time and money on a single product, instead of just making games for everyone to enjoy.

I guess they can keep doing that, and then this guy can bail and get a huge pay day when all they have left is that 5-10% of players who actually do spend more money, but they are making less money over all.

I'm calling it now. In 5 years, this guy will leave for another company, probably at a huge low point for EA. He'll get paid millions of dollars in the process. He'll go do the same thing at another company that wants to see immediate results, but not long term viability.

EA's success now hinges on them having exclusive rights to some extremely strong licenses that are not even gaming related. FIFA, SW, NFL. They lose any of those, they have one or two of these GaaS games fail, and suddenly their stocks plummet. It will happen, because while people may play for twice as long, and spend twice as much, that doesn't mean they'll keep doing it for you.

XiNatsuDragnel366d ago

Yep there you have folks confirmation he's in it for the money, not for the gamers. Well then I know where to avoid now.

2pacalypsenow366d ago

Every company is out for money, that's the only reason they are in the business.

EA is just the only one who's admitting what every developer and publisher thinks, terrible PR move.

Nyxus366d ago

Not every publisher cancels games because they are linear and story driven instead of GAAS.

TankCrossing366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

And with such impeccable timing, right at the height of the Battlefront 2 controversy.

EatCrow366d ago

Nope. There are companies out for the fun of cresting games. Money is what allows them to continue that fun.

They don't center themselves around the best ways of making money... But instead.. The best ways of making a good game.

ps360s364d ago

Yes every company is out to make money but putting consumers first...

EA doesnt...they just want quick money and rush into it all and hope to make big bucks while destroying their own reputation and that can cause any business damage...

Mikelarry364d ago

Every company is out there to make money but the way most of these AAA publishers is just the wrong way.

They want all the money and shoddy products and treat their customers as addicts rather than consumers.

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EatCrow366d ago

Lol. Satan is definitely behind him. There will always be someone worse to take their place.

morganfell364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

Seriously? He isn't Satan. WTF? Everybody knows Satan is a second rate designer at EA. Satan works for this guy. This guy is named Blake for a reason...

morganfell364d ago

Ha ha pretty good. Actually I was referring to William Blake...

rainslacker364d ago

Now that you mention it, his name does sound like a cheap CW 3rd rate comic book licence villain.

UKmilitia364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

yep hate EA,look at fifa points in ultimate team!!!!
all that money they want and you dotn even know what your gonna get in a pack,shjouldnt be allowed as i would class it as gambling .
it should make a game an 18 rated

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