How The Arrival of Xbox One X Is Actually Good News For PS4 Pro Owners

The Xbox One X could be the best thing to happen for PS4 Pro.

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crazyCoconuts27d ago

I think this is true on multiple levels. The competition might drive Sony to help game devs get the most out of the Pro so as to make the x-advantage as negligible as possible. Should be better than the limited attention the Pro has been getting thus far...

TheKingKratos27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

true at least it would force Sony to add supersampling via firmware to the Pro

VforVideogames26d ago

IMO the pro was DOA , it makes no sense owning one IYAM. regular ps4 will do just fine.

nitus1026d ago


How is 20% of all PS4 sales DOA?

If you already have a PS4 and don't have a 4K display I don't really see any compelling reason to upgrade although there may be some that will.

One feature outside the graphics is the fact that the PS4pro has a SATA 3 bus (up to 600MB/sec) compared to the SATA 2 bus (up to 300MB/sec) of the PS4. Having a faster system bus means the PS4pro owner can install or use an external SSD and get the full performance (500MB/sec plus read) which would result in much faster loading of some games. Unfortunately, SSD's are relatively expensive (two to five times more) when compared to HDD's.

SSD's are dropping in price, however, I don't foresee any price parity or better for a few years yet.

Aenea26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

It's already there but Sony isn't shouting it from the rooftops...

Only games from last year that used SDK 3.50 or earlier don't do it automatically since support wssn't included yet in the SDK. Newer games will use a newer SDK.
SDK version numbers are the same as the firmware ones, 3.5 has been a while ago now...

TheKingKratos26d ago


Yeah i know what you mean that now all games support supersampling on the Pro
but i wish it would be there in the firmware to force it into older games that don't support it.

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Woolly_27d ago

" make the x-advantage as negligible as possible "

lol. The hardware is fixed. No amount of wizardry will made that a reality.

Please continue, I wants more laughs.

Geeeebeeee27d ago

i absolutely agree with you on this.

but it wasn't that long ago that your xfan pals were buying into all that Dx12, secret sauce power of the Cloud nonsense.
where was your 'lol. The hardware is fixed. No amount of wizardry will made that a reality. Please continue, I wants more laughs.' back then?

well at least you're pretty consistent with your hypocrisy. and do please continue, i am pretty sure many people gets laughs out of this also lol.

Woolly_27d ago (Edited 27d ago )



" your xfan pals . . . "

So, what you're saying is. . I'm responsible for how other fans of Xbox, grown men and women, behave because I happen to be an Xbox fan too?

What a desperate attempt to turn my comment against me. . ^_^.

crazyCoconuts27d ago

If you want more laughs, check your grammar.
Of course the hardware can't change but there may be API/software bottlenecks that are causing the unexpectedly high (100%) resolution differences we're seeing. Also, perhaps some small gains to be had in better checkerboarding and the FP16 thing, but of course they won't get to parity, maybe just close the gap a bit. Try not to be such a turd, BTW.

jlove4life26d ago

Rapid pack math says hello as well as hdr

Bobafret26d ago

Yeah we are on the other side of that argument now, and I now see how utterly foolish we must have seemed in our denial.

Toby_198126d ago


You might be right but that's the same way I feel about Microsoft exclusives and developers. No amount of Wizardry will make that a reality. They're just not talented like Nintendo and Sony first party developers this generation. Their best developers were Bungie, Epic, and Lionhead studios.

badz14926d ago


Xbone owners lived the last 4 years in the hope that MS will finally unleashed the "power of the cloud" that will make 1 xbone to have the power of at least 4 xbones.

there's hope. /s


Aenea26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

Please, you full well know that on the same hardware there can be differences on how well a dev uses the hardware. Not even all One X games show off the same quality enhancements so it's entirely possible that with a bit more time and effort they can add better support.

Am sure you know this so not exactly getting your overly fanboy reaction.

SierraGuy26d ago

If you want more laughs check your grammar.

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Woolly_27d ago

"there may be API/software bottlenecks that are causing the unexpectedly high (100%) resolution differences we're seeing"

Stop right there before you make it any worse. When you don't have a clue what you're talking about, you're not going to convince anyone else. #armchairdeveloper

Devs have had a whole year to work with the Pro.. "API/software bottlenecks" lol.

It's called hardware disparity. The sooner you come to terms with reality, the better. Start by looking up the specs between the two console ^_^. If you're still struggling, let me know.

crazyCoconuts27d ago

I have a comp sci degree and am an actual developer. I've done it from an armchair as well, which is why your poorly thought out quarterback analogy doesn't work.

rainslacker26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

LOL at you calling others arm chair developers all while spewing a bunch of nonsense as if you are somehow informed on the issues that happen in development.

Devs have had a year to work with the Pro. Many have not. Likely due to resources. No amount of power is going to be used just because it exists. Sony has some amazing tools for the PS4, and even for the PS4P. Quite honestly, some of the best tools in the business, and they require a lot fewer third party tools to achieve what requires third party tools on Xbox products. Yet, these tools aren't being used to good effect, whether it's for marginal gain, or substantial.

This is an issue with developer resources, and as I've been saying for a while now, resources aren't going to magically appear just because the hardware exists, nor are developers going to spend copious amounts of time utilizing the hardware if those resources don't exist. This is a problem for both PS4P and X1X.

By the way, I'm not an armchair developer, I'm an actual developer. I make tools which facilitate the improvement of games without as much effort from the developers. I'm intimately aware of what tools are available from the console makers themselves, even more so MS, as I develop tools for the Xbox brand, and DirectX in general. Most of the tools I write don't even have a need to be written on the PS4P, because Sony already provides them with their basic development console and SDK. In fact, most of the tools I write are so developers can more easily port their games to MS consoles, because MS doesn't provide all the needed resources to provide what Sony does, and it costs a lot of money to write tools at the developer themselves.

Aenea26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

Wow, fanboy much? You also know that MS is optimising their SDK all the time why wouldn't Sony do the same?

Not saying they will close the power gap but just replying to your silliness!

As I said above not every dev is pushing the One X to its fullest, same goed for the Pro. For instance all these native 1440p games on Pro could've been 2160p checkerboarded. Many are just lazy higher resolution support while with more time for additional options they could make them look better.
Of course this will probably also mean that with the same effort put into the One X version that will still look better. So don't worry, your precious little box won't be outperformed. This article just states that Sony might want to push (and help devs with it) devs to do more for the Pro from now on..


The amount of disagrees is funny but also sad. Some Xbox fans don't want to hear about facts 😂


Exactly! I bought a Pro back in March with Horizon and a 4k TV and have been wanting more Pro Enhanced titles! I do wish the Pro had the benefits the X does like automatic texture filtering on older games that don't have a patch.

Pancit_Canton26d ago

You're as crazyCoconuts

Sony First Party developers are already taking advantage of the PS4 Pro. Just look at The Last of Us II, Horizon Zero Dawn and Ghost of Tsushima, Days Gone and God Of war.

rainslacker26d ago

Sony has incredible tools available for getting the most out of the Pro. Its been there since the beginning. They don't need MS to kick them into gear.

Devs have to take the time to use them, which is all on them. Sony can encourage it, and they do, but resources aren't always available to do much. Same is going to be true on the X1X.

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maybelovehate27d ago

True, even though Pro owners are getting watered down versions, it is still better than nothing.

Elda26d ago

No water down versions when it comes to exclusives especially first party.

Cmv3826d ago

As powerful as the x is, nothing has looked as good as uc4 yet. Nevermind the amazing gameplay.

maybelovehate26d ago

Good point, gotta feel terrible for Naughty Dog that they can only offer their fans checkerboard versions of their beautiful games. At least they get to experience a good experience while they debug on PC, but their fans never get to see the game as it should be.

rainslacker26d ago

And it's too bad that Xbox fans who won't give PS a chance will never experience the "watered down" version of some of the best games ever made. Shame those "watered down" versions of ND games still look better than anything on Xbox....X or otherwise.

andrewsquall26d ago

@maybelovehate Because the ND game equivalent on Xbone this gen, Quantum Break, is a native resolution AND great game this gen on both Xbone and XboneX lol? Exactly.

Razzer26d ago

Xbox One X users don’t get to see PC versions of games either. sure are talking a lot of shit.

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Razzer26d ago

“it is still better than nothing“

Like Xbox first party.

Razzer26d ago

Wrong. Do some research next time.

Razzer25d ago

What happened to Crackdown 3 and Sea of Thieves this year again? lol

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PSXQ826d ago

Water down version? Do you remember PS2? History repeats itself.

BLow26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

Do you guys ever quit or think before you type? The X just came out. So should this be said for the standard Xbox that been on the market for the past 4 FREAKING YEARS!!!!

Did you guys forget about that system? I swear you fanboys must live on another planet. I want to say every cuss word in the book right now but I'm trying to stay civil.

Ceaser985736126d ago

Watered down versions?? Like seriously!! Are you joking or embarrassing yourself...

JackBNimble26d ago

Waterdown versions?.... I think all these extra pixels have gone to your head.

LP-Eleven26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

I guess you're Xbox One X versions are watered down compared to my uncompromised PC versions, right? Yeah sounds absolutely ridiculous and the fact that you posted this with any sort of seriousness is scarier than the idea that the Xbox One X hasn't provided you with anything but prettier Pro multiplats. On top of that, the day the Xbox One X gives me anything close to the visual caliber off The Last Of Us Part II is when I'll finally see what its true potential is.

Aenea26d ago

Most Xbox fans, the ones that don't upgrade or haven't yet upgraded, will still have the worst console version...

maybelovehate26d ago

Sorry guys. I would be pretty upset if I bought a Pro as well. Don't worry though PS5 will be out soon to fix the mistakes that have been made.

LP-Eleven25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

It's sad when you consider a company releasing less games, but stronger hardware, a "success", while the company with a moderately weaker console, but FAR better support, made "mistakes". There's a word for people like that, but because I honestly feel bad for you, I'll spare the embarrassment.

Aenea24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

Why would one be upset by buying a Pro? If you game on PlayStation why would buying a better version of a console you like be upsetting?

Would Xbox fans be upset if Sony somehow released a 10Tflop console next year? Of course not!

Not that Sony will do this, it's just an example so don't get your panties in a twist.


The word you seek is "mistake" 😉

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Ashlen27d ago

Microsoft PR is getting overly full of themselves I think.

What I think is good for the Pro is games like Spider-Man, God of War, Detroit: Become Human, The Last of Us 2, Days Gone, The Last Stranding and all the other huge exclusives that can't be played anywhere else.

Tazzy26d ago

And thats not mentioning Ghost of Tsushima which looks phenomenal and they renewed the Syphon Filter trademark so they have alot coming in.

TomatoDragon26d ago

Hopefully means a price drop for pro...then I’ll get one to compliment my vanilla PS4.

timotim26d ago

X is also good news for the future of Xbox. Spence and CEO definitely wants Xbox to be a major force in gaming from here on out. Microsoft learned a valuable lesson from PS4.

PSXQ826d ago

Dropping every big exclusive to PC not learning a thing.

timotim26d ago

Not PC in general...Windows 10 specifically via the Microsoft Store. You understand that Windows 10 is also Microsoft right?

nitus1026d ago


Yes, I am aware that most desktop PC's run a version of Microsoft Windows, however, games that are developed for that operating systems can be sold via "bricks and mortar stores" and digital download vendors. If those game outlets are not owned by Microsoft then Microsoft does not get a royalty unless they are the developer or publisher of the particular game.

If a game is developed for a console then a royalty has to be paid to the developer of that console.

TankCrossing26d ago

Whooooosh point straight over Nitus' head. Don't worry, he'll pick it up later.

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