The Xbox One X Is Here. Should PS4 Owners Be Worried?

Leif: The Xbox One X has been recently launched last Tuesday November 7th. And the reviews are in. Mike Fahey from Kotaku says "It’s a really good console that’s also a really hard sell." and Gamespot says getting it "largely depends on whether you'd be happy with the console's library of games." But should PS4 owners like me be worried that the "most powerful console" is already out in the market?

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Bigpappy368d ago

Why would anyone be worried about a new console release? Buy one if you like it, skip it if you don't. What's to worry about?

_-EDMIX-_367d ago

Absolutely agreed these articles are just getting more and more ridiculous and they seriously need to stop getting approved if this website even wants to be taken seriously even slightly.

I'm having a difficult time understanding what one has to do with the other if somebody bought an Xbox it's because they like the software by that company if someone bought a PlayStation it means they like the software that's on that system.

darthv72367d ago

PS4 owners should not be worried, they should be celebrating. Now the xbo they have been waiting for is here. Many have stated they would get an xbo if it were more powerful than it was. While the hardware is in check.... MS still needs to do something about that software side.

Skull521367d ago

Worried? Nah. Maybe ashamed though when XBOX is getting 100% greater resolutions than the Pro.

zypher366d ago


Yeah, we feel ashamed about having to play slightly uglier multiplats in addition to the highest rated exclusives this gen outside of BotW and Odyssey.

_-EDMIX-_366d ago

@sku-but anyone who owns a PlayStation like any other system is going to own it for the software that could only be found on that platform. So I understand that some people could get upset if they see a game running in a higher resolution then on their system but technically speaking the same could be said about PC but people already bought PlayStation 4 Pro 100% knowing that another system was capable of producing better resolution so at the end of the day I don't really believe people are really buying a game system simply because of resolution alone.

it has everything to do with what are you actually doing on the system, put it this way if we made a system that just played a bunch of IOS shovelware games and we had it running in 16k are you telling me you're going to be mad that it's running in 16 K and not your Xbox or Playstation completely disregarding the software is complete trash?

So from a gamer's perspective at the end of the day the first thing I'm going to care about is going to be content.

Then resolution.

I mean I don't even own a PlayStation 4 Pro but do you really think I care that those who own PlayStation 4 Pro are playing the same games I'm playing at better resolution or frame rate? I mean do you think I cared what I bought the PlayStation 4 day one that people on PC we're playing at a better resolution? I mean those people are also not playing Horizon zero Dawn so..😎

Content comes before any talk about resolution. This stupid childish immature crap about this desperate me too of attention-seeking cuz someone else is getting a better resolution is irrelevant and only for those of the lowest maturity.

When you buy a car are you going to tell me you're going to be in tears like a baby because someone else has a faster car? What on earth does that have to do with the car manufacturer that built your car? I mean buddy we could go on and on about this about so many different things it's just irrelevant to most gamers only idiots really care about something like that.

I don't care about what somebody else is playing I actually only care about what I'm playing. Maybe do the same. 🐸☕

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fenome367d ago

Seriously, this just ridiculous, it's like just play games and have fun. Have any of us been "worried" because some people have crazy PC setups? No, we still play and enjoy our games just the same. What system or setup someone else plays a particular game on doesn't affect someone else's fun or enjoyment just because it's not exactly the same. These flame wars are so stupid and redundant, I feel bad for a lot of people who can't even go into comment threads about things they enjoy without getting mocked repeatedly over things that don't even matter to them.

End of the day the X1X is a nice piece of kit for the fans with all the upgrades and enhancements. Especially if they're 4k owners, it seems like they're in for a treat.

fluxmulder367d ago

People want to feel that they made the right choice buying one company's product over another. When they see the other product doing well, that makes them doubt their purchase choice. So the natural reaction is to try and tear down the other product's success, to make themselves feel better.

thawind367d ago

That just sounds like insecurities not a natural reaction.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen367d ago

Agree with Bigpappy. Some people spend far too much time worrying about what other people like or dislike. It's crazy. I'm not interested in the Xbox One X because it doesn't have anything to offer me personally. For those that do want it, enjoy.

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zivtheawesome368d ago

why? we still get the same multiplatform as xbox (+ japan multiplatform like switch or pc releases) and we still get more and great exclusives, why does the success of one machine (which that success is also not yet definite) hurt the other machine which is already super successful.

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corroios368d ago

I already told this in another news. Sony is doomed. This was just one week, imagine one month where the Xbox sell more then Sony or Nintendo...

I have no doubt that this black friday and holidays a PS4 at 199 and PSVR at 299 and the PRO at 399 will all stay in the shells and they will not sell millions.

TheKingKratos368d ago

Wow This fly over 6 people heads
It's clearly a sarcasm

jznrpg367d ago

Most will not take this as sarcasm because stuff like this is actually stated

ShinnokDrako367d ago

I don't know if those 11 downvotes are from Xbone fanboys because they understood you were sarcastic (you were, right?) or if Ps4 fanboys didn't understand you were sarcastic (.. and you were, right?).

corroios367d ago

Yes, i was. lol.

Next time i will put on the end (Sarcatic comment), lol.

KickSpinFilter367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

What king of shells do they come in?
Egg, Sea, Oil Company?

nitus10367d ago

You forgot the "/s" or at least a smiley.

Actually, the XB1s is the biggest competitor of the XB1x since it will be over $300 USD cheaper. That is assuming a buyer just wants the XBox brand.

zivtheawesome367d ago

I love how more than 30 people didn't get the super obvious sarcasm in this comment. I guess most people sadly read one line before voting.

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