Battlefront II's loot boxes didn't have to be such a disaster

AllGamers look at the latest commotion in gaming and discuss what EA could learn from other games that use loot boxes responsibly.

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Chaosdreams334d ago

"The downvotes are in, and the launch of Star Wars Battlefront II looks like the biggest screw-up since engineers on the Death Star decided it needed an exhaust port."

This is how I already know I like this writer.

Shubhendu_Singh334d ago

Shouldn't engineers of the Death Star be praised that they managed to have only 1 exhaust port for something so huge as a moon. Not a screw up at all.

fiveby9334d ago

It's not that there is an exhaust port, but that it leads directly to the core which can be ignited and blow up the whole ship.

And iirc, according to Rogue One, it was designed in that way as a matter of subterfuge.

Either way, this game should go the way of the original death star.

Der_Kommandant334d ago

Look at Overwatch loot boxes, look how much money they are making only for COSMETICS!!!!.

I will not support locked in game content behind loot crates EVER!, EA is destroying gaming as we knew it.

PlayableGamez-334d ago (Edited 334d ago )

EA has 1 of 3 options if they want to save this game.

1) Put it in the Vault immediately.
2) Make the multiplayer F2P and sale the Campaign Separately.
3) Get rid of the Star Cards system or at least get rid of the pay to win option.

I vote #3.

andrewsquall334d ago

Yeah, charge 40 bucks for that 3 hour campaign.

GNCFLYER334d ago

There is a difference in trying to make money and monetize extras and basically trying to bleed your fan base dry.

They hit the point of total greed long ago.

EatCrow334d ago in games dont always make sense..conceptually.

So maybe leave cards to card games....hows that.