Xbox One Game Gifting Is Now Live For Everybody

Game gifting on Xbox One had finally been added in the latest Xbox One Insider update and now it is live for everybody as of right now.

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TankCrossing334d ago

If anyone is looking to test the feature then go right ahead and send me Shadow of Mordor, Assassins Creed Origins, COD WW2, Battlefront 2, and Forza 7.

Don't thank me, I'm happy to help.

4Sh0w334d ago (Edited 334d ago )


-Sure bud, right after you gift me a trip to Hawaii....Im scheduling my vacation days for 2 weeks in May, PM me with airline tickets and hotel for 2 (No, I'm not going with you).

lol, OT this is a very convenient feature.

Sonic_Vs_Mario334d ago

What's your gamertag? I'll gift you the games

TankCrossing334d ago


Oh noes I've been tricked into revealing my secret identity!

TheColbertinator334d ago


I gifted you Agents of Mayhem. Cheers.

TankCrossing334d ago

Lol it can't be that bad can it? Is it a fight to the title of "Floppiest Enhanced Title" between Agents of Mayhem, Mafia 3, and Homefront?

XStation4pio_Pro334d ago

LOL! Well I mean if it’s for science... ;)

Automatic79334d ago

[email protected]

Straight to the point. Great way to request free games.

rainslacker334d ago

I tried, but I accidentally sent it to someone I liked :-P

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ninsigma334d ago

Very nice. Hopefully the other two follow suit with this.

334d ago
rainslacker334d ago

Think it should be. Seems like a good way to sell more software to me.

DharmaDan334d ago

So you can only send games as you are buying them? Can't you send current games in your library?

TankCrossing334d ago (Edited 334d ago )

The holy grail of being able to gift/trade/sell digital games we already "own" will never be found.

vikingland1334d ago

Good question ,that makes sense , it's a new feature/program. Retro active would be nice though .

ninsigma334d ago

Can't see that happening. Most people would then just gift their games to other people and sales would drop. They could apply a fee to gift a game you own to someone else but how would people take to That??

TankCrossing334d ago

The argument for the feature is that it would bring parity with physical releases, which cost the same amount to buy.

ImGumbyDammit334d ago (Edited 334d ago )

@TankCrossing If it is about parity gifting an older game does require money and time of some type with actual sharing of physical media. In most cases, somebody is driving somewhere to give it to you or you travel to them (that takes both time and physical expense). Or you are spending money on postage to send it to a friend or family member not nearby. So, if done digitally where is that parity of cost? Would a surcharge by Microsoft for providing the convenience of this service be OK with you? And should that game be limited on it's ability to be gifted? I ask because unlike physical media digital never gets damaged (scratched) or lost or stolen or broken into pieces by a very angry girlfriend or used as a play toy by a toddler. So that parity is never going to be really equal because each media has distinct advantages and disadvantages.

This reminds me why we can't have nice things. Gifting an older game would have been similar but, still not as nice as family & friends sharing feature the original Xbox One design had in place. Unfortunately, they took away that feature with all the original complaints about the DRM associated with selling physical media and the requirement of any game installed from physical media to be verified valid via an online check in order to play. Ironically console systems (not just Xbox) are now moving that way as more and more games require an online component to play even with some single player games (eg. most recently GTS). And with digital selling becomes a more and more prevalent option we are in a way essentially volunteering to DRM ourselves by knowingly, upon purchase, not having the option to share or resell of digital games.

TankCrossing334d ago

To be clear, it's not 'my' argument. Just putting it forward.

Imo the disparity between digital and physical ownership should be apparent in the price though.

ImGumbyDammit334d ago (Edited 334d ago )

@TankCrossing I am not against your argument. I am just asking you to take a step forward. What rules, costs and limitations would you see fit if Microsoft did add this option? As we both acknowledge both media have certain advantages and disadvantages. By giving digital such an option of gifting older games then we must admit an unlimited and easy no cost sharing would seem to exploit the weakness of doing the same with physical media (not actually parity). Since you brought up the idea of gifting of current owned games (I prefer the old idea of sharing over gifting being resurrected) I was just wanted to know more on how you would handle it (noting my argument that digital media is not bound to the limitations of physical media). Would a cost to do it be acceptable? Limit the number of times a game can be gifted? And if so what number should that be? Maybe, allow gifting for games you bought but never have played or played for only an hour or so?

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maybelovehate334d ago

That is correct. You can technically send games in your library but you would have to buy it again. Unless they are family members, then the games are shared, sort of.

darx334d ago

Correct just like Steam.

PlayableGamez-334d ago (Edited 334d ago )

Giving digital content away for free that you own will break the digital market.
Sounds like a good idea on paper, but will be bad in practice.

rainslacker334d ago

Given that publishers don't like the 2nd hand market to begin with, I can't see them taking great efforts to try and make it available in a place they can control the content.

If they could monetize it then obviously they would allow it, but it's not quite the same as just trading or giving away a game like it is with physical.

MS had a way to do this with their original DRM policies, and if they hadn't of attached the principals to physical, they probably would have been heralded as innovators, because it would have actually been good for the consumer. But since backing off of that because they couldn't control the entire physical market, they just came across as petty, and rightfully had plenty of backlash over the new paradigm.

Maybe MS, or some other company, will come up with a solution to make this possible in the future. It likely will always have some monetary compensation for the publishers attached to it, along with the console maker also making some money, so it likely still won't be as fluid and potentially free that we see in the physical market, but at least it's something better than what exists now.

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PlayableGamez-334d ago

Finally game gifting on consoles.
Hope Sony follows suit in next Firmware update.

81BX334d ago

How Sony shares games.....

XStation4pio_Pro334d ago

Was this just rolled out to everybody? I used this about a week ago for a friend going thru a hard time, but I’m also in the preview program so it’s hard to tell when stuff goes completely live. I kinda thought this was. Either way it’s a nice option to have and better than using codes.

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