GT: Monster Hunter 3 TGS 08: Trailer

Even underwater, no monster is safe!

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tocrazed4you3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

What a waste of time... the colors are so bland and they don't even have a lot of textures in their environment its proven in the video. Note how the enviorments don't even have extra details, like flowers, coral reefs, fishes swimming around just plain stuff. The water motion looks like its from a ps2 game.Still will sell like hot cakes in japan though...

ChickeyCantor3425d ago

"Still will sell like hot cakes in japan though..."
No not just Japan: AWOUND THE WOLD!

nintendojunkie283425d ago

Unbelievable ....I knew someone was goin' to say somethin' deluded like that,we must have watched two completely different trailers.I try to respect other people's opinion but yours is simply...well......wrong.

gdguide3425d ago

This game was meant for the PS3. It would have totally rocked. : /

Tidus113425d ago

it's a wii exclusive now right?

Mc Fadge3425d ago

Wish this was on a next gen console :<

Captain_Sony3425d ago

It is on a next gen console.. How does sucha blatant troll have so many bubbles? I'm going to work on that and see if we cant get you down to where you should be.. 1 bubble..

TheColbertinator3425d ago

Wii GOTY.Day one purchase for me

nieto23425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

i don't know what are you talking about but in my opinion the graphics are looking very nice, i'm impress! and i really like the art style!

now this only makes me think about how this game would had looked if it were on PS3/X360 and how much better would had be with the more robust online of PSN or XBL! too bad i'm not gonna see that any time soon... ;- /

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The story is too old to be commented.