Star Wars Battlefront II Campaign Completion Reward Reduced From 20,000 to 5,000 Credits

Battlefront II campaign reward reduced, making it more difficult to earn Credits.

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UCForce393d ago

Oh my god ! That's just insulting to consumers. EA never freaking change.

chrisx393d ago

This greed even to gamers is astounding. Damn ea

thekhurg392d ago

They changed it because the entire point of the credits from the campaign was to unlock Iden Versio. So when they reduced the cost of all heroes by 75%, it knocked her cost down to 5,000 credits. So they changed the campaign to 5,000 credits too.

You still get like 12,000 or so credit for doing well in multiplayer, which isn't a change from prior to the 75% reduction in hero costs.

Just sayin'. The whole system still sucks, but they aren't screwing people with THIS change. They're screwing us with the whole progressive system in general.

FunAndGun392d ago


Thanks, that does make sense after the initial reduction. ..they still some huge turds though for that crap in the first place.

Eonjay391d ago (Edited 391d ago )

Eventually you will see that these people are not your friends. They can barely understand why they need to provide you with content at all. They are so ready to windfall profits that they have convinced themselves you are greedy for wanting anything at all in exchange. Decreases Hero cost by 75%. Reduces received campaign credits by 75%.
On they also think you are an effing idiot. They basically gave you nothing because if they decease both by 75%... it takes just as long.

-Foxtrot393d ago

It’s all about perception with these guys

Make a huge big f***** deal about changing something because of fans and how they are listening yet they counter point it so they are still better off in the end while looking like good people

Reviewers have shown they’ve got no back bone and are blindly giving this top marks which it wouldn’t deserve even if it wasn’t riddled with MTs

choujij391d ago

Sick, isn't it? And they get away with it...

joab777392d ago

If there intent is to give us enough credits to unlock a certain number of items after the campaign, why not just give them to us.

Seriously, just offer cool ass cosmetic items and Star Wars fans will buy them and money will be made, especially with free dlc etc. When gamers feel as though companies are more than giving them their miney’s worth, they have no issue supporting the game. That’s how I am. I will support CDPR and others who respect us. I thought EA was in the right track with dlc. I understand they took a huge hit giving it away, but it allows more ppl to play longer. Simply add cosmetic items for real money, and we would support your hard work. This shit is absurd the way it is. It’s shady and requires deceit to pull off.

EatCrow391d ago

Just look at path of exile devs...cant believe that game is free to play.
Its insane.

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ziggurcat393d ago

so basically they lowered a few numbers to make it look like they reduced the grind, but then kept the grind requirements proportionally the same?

A+, good job EA /s

Lamboomington391d ago (Edited 391d ago )

No, they reduced the campaign rewards only, so you wouldn't be able to unlock those characters just by playing the campaign.

Honestly, this makes sense.

As long as the multiplayer rewards are the same then the reduction in cost still stands and the campaign thing makes sense.

(yes I know, blasphemy, but atleast try to see the logic behind it. It's possible to individually assess things on a case by case basis)

MackAshworth393d ago

I've tried changing the image, but it's giving me "Server Error".

XiNatsuDragnel392d ago

Insulting our intelligence screw u EA

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