Top 10 Xbox Games We Want Backwards Compatible

Original Xbox games are now compatible with the Xbox One and it is awesome! Microsoft has made a fantastic emulator that not only up RES-es each game, but also irons out any framerate issues found in the original titles. As of this writing, 13 games of the original Xbox library are playable on the Xbox One with the promise of more to come. While it is up to the publishers if a game can be released for the service, these are our dream games that we would love to see!

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jackwei22394d ago

Onimusha Warlords for sure!!

Mikew5j394d ago

Absolutely want Splinter Cell. I still play all 3 on my 360 on occasion. I'd be happy with Jedi Knight 2 also.

2pacalypsenow394d ago

The Warriors, KOTOR 2, MAX PAYNE 2, NFS Underground 2, Manhunt, The Suffering.

Yi-Long394d ago

Rallisport Challenge 2, Def Jam FFNY, SSX3, NBA Street v3, Burnout 3, Jade Empire, Project Gotham Racing 2, Chaos Theory, etcetc please..

CloudStrife900394d ago

Sonic Heroes, Phantasy Star Online Ep I and II (Wishful thinking, I know), Fatal Frame... there's so many I would love.

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