Killzone 2 Kill Streak

Check out this gameplay video straight from the Killzone 2 beta.

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Hydrolex3486d ago

you are a White little Dude and a SPAMMER !!!!! SPAMMER

gangsters don't have time to spend on or News 4

xhi43486d ago

i love how its soo gritty and realistic and gorey, which is one of the traits I like about gears of war. But dammnnn this looks awesome, sounds awesome and you can notice the difference in the sound of guns up close and from enemies afar.


I WANT IN! lol

Hydrolex3486d ago

they sound real, It gives a better feeling to kill someone

Fishy Fingers3486d ago

Audio wise I think Killzone is currently unmatched. It's all dynamic, depending on where you are effects sound, small enclosure, large open area, obstacles etc all effect the sounds.

I know audio isn't a big factor to some but with a nice system at home the audio can really help pull you into the game that little bit more. 7.1 (or 5.1) with a nice sub/mid range and this is going to sound fantastic.

beavis4play3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

characters in gears are too comically large to be considered "realistic".

oh, and KZ2 is looking so cool. the ambient sounds of battle in the distance, the smoke drifting around the battlefield, the tracer trails that rockets are leaving, the upgrading of new missions on the fly, sounds of weapons close up......there is just so much awesomeness here!

Michael Jackson3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

ooooh killzone 2. have sex with my eyes and ears over and over again. i looooove it. can't wait 'til i feel you vibrate in my hands come February.

dro3486d ago

im having problems connecting my ps3 on psn, it keeps on saying erro code 80710092 or server timed out. i called sony but they are not picking up, pls some one pm me if u know how to fix the problem.

ThanatosDMC3486d ago

Check your router. Check all your connections. Check your NAT type.

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Adriana Lima3486d ago

and i was only watching it.

alexM3486d ago

cant believe that even the CAM footage killz all games

Raoh3486d ago

To date, after playing the socom confrontation beta i thought it had the best gun audio. they went through great lengths to get that audio from authentic weapons.

but killzone might blow it out the water with the audio..


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The story is too old to be commented.