TGS 08: Microsoft Post TGS Impression

GamersPlatform Writes: "For the very first time, Microsoft did a presentation at one of the biggest video game events in the world, which is the Tokyo Game Show. Since the announcement of Microsoft appearing at the Tokyo Game Show, people were skeptical as to what they had to offer in this year's event. There is news that is surprising to most of us and some are well expected. Let's take a look to the major announcements of Microsoft that might change the sales in Japan..."

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MiloGarret3546d ago


Lol @ best name ever.

tocrazed4you3546d ago

That was shocking was tekken 6 and that would of been if gamespot didn't jump the gun. Also anyone find it funny that they delayed a halo 3 spin off to tgs instead of announcing it at e3 lol. Its just hilarious that they made all this big thing and its a prologue without master chief in it.

Fox013546d ago

I feel your pain, you've just wasted $400-500 on a worthless crap, so you're pissed.

MAR-TYR-DOM3546d ago (Edited 3546d ago )

^ whenever i go to take retarded ppl like you bubbles away, i find that i already did it before!

pwnsause3546d ago

no one cares about Halo in Japan. Stupid From Microsoft's part if you ask me.

Raoh3546d ago

i'm actually shocked that people are shocked at tekken going multiplatform, its been rumored for a while.

a few things made it obvious for me

1. delay of release and confirmation of release.

2. all the other fighting games are multiplatform. only a new IP made from a first or second party would be an exclusive fighter at this stage.

3. sony's lack of promotion. When sony backs off, its gone multi console.

silverchode3546d ago

i wonder how halo games will sell without master chief.

outlawlife3546d ago (Edited 3546d ago )

it'll sell fine, huge fan base with proven gameplay, you aren't seeing people screaming "no chief no buy!"

reason being is chief is a faceless hero with little more than a godlike presentation, i'm actually hoping the new soldier has a lot of personality

Raoh3546d ago

LOL did you see the new pics?

it's master chief in pikachu yellow

SixZeroFour3546d ago

i like to think of it as ppl buying it becasue bungie is behind it...awesome dev team there

JOLLY13546d ago (Edited 3546d ago )

Oh wait you think that nasim is telling the truth. That is a pic from Ghost Town. It is a Halo 3 multiplayer map. That map has been out for about 6 month. Yeah that is really new.

*Edit* There's some positive feedback for ya, Outlaw Life. Keep up the good work.

outlawlife3546d ago

definitely not a new pic, the only thing anyone has seen is the trailer and the guy most definitely does not look like that

nice attempt though

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Itsallfunandgames3546d ago

right now the number 1 seller on amazon japan is an xbox 360 bundle with infinite undiscovery, last remnant, media remote and LR/IU customized faceplate. You have to admit that is going to be a very attractive xbox offering, even for the japanese market. The 360 just may keep ahead of the PS3 another week or so. I'm still kinda in shock that micro finally put together such an outstanding bundle, usually there bundles are crap.

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