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With Star Wars Battlefront II, DICE and EA have righted most of the wrongs from the first game, and have created one of the best Star Wars titles ever.

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Chaosdreams396d ago

"Forget for a minute the talk of loot boxes, pay-to-win, and level-locked heroes, and understand that Star Wars Battlefront II rights so many wrongs created by the first attempt to bring back the storied game series that all of that can easily be overlooked."

I'm going to place ankle weights on you for this race. Now, when the race starts, I want you to fully enjoy your surroundings. You'll have a blast! We've made this race so much better. And don't mind the hundreds of others who seem to be sprinting past you at the speed of light. It's just loot boxes. *laughs*

No, you can spend a year racing to catch up right? K good. Thank you for understanding and looking past our obvious greed. Your money really means a lot to us - I mean you mean a lot to us. No, at this point who's going to stop us?

We just want your money. Thanks for the high praise pal. I hope you take pride in us making money.

Darkwatchman396d ago

The reviewer here is a cuck