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Xbox One X's 40% faster GPU offers 100% resolution boost over PS4 Pro?

Even though the Xbox One X GPU is 40% more powerful than that of the PS4 Pro, it is capable of delivering resolutions twice as high. Over-delivering?

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Community67d ago
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Ghost_of_Tsushima67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

That’s pretty impressive.

Assassin’s Creed Origins - 44% to 96% resolution boost

Wolfenstein 2 - 100% resolution boost

The Evil Within 2 - 100% resolution boost

Call of Duty WW2 - 50% to 100% resolution boost

JaguarEvolved67d ago

its so awesome that a newer product the xbox one x is more powerful than an older product from last year the ps4 pro. despite all the power talk surrounding the xbox one x where people have to zoom in 400 percent to see a difference bewteen it and the pro its still a lot weaker than my pc with i7 8700k, 32gbs ddr4 ram with a gigabyte 1080ti aorus extreme video card. i wonder if a newer console two years from now will be more powerful than the xbox one x now?

Ghost_of_Tsushima67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

“despite all the power talk surrounding the xbox one x where people have to zoom in 400 percent to see a difference bewteen it and the pro”

Remember when PS4 games hit 1080p while Xbox One games were 900p and everyone made a big deal about it? What’s the difference now?

Neonridr67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

dude, keep the PC crap in another area. I have an i7 8700k with a 1080ti too, but I still game on my Switch and PS4 Pro because show me Mario, Zelda or Horizon, Last of Us on a PC.

PC will always win in a pissing contest when it comes to graphics because it's an open system. Not closed hardware.

You are just upset that Sony didn't go as big with the spec boost as MS did. Sony played their hand early, clearly they are on the losing end when it comes down to the figures on paper. Thankfully they have great games to make up for it.

JaguarEvolved67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

i dont care much for weaker consoles and how they perform because my pc is a lot more powerful than them but id rather educate people that tries to mislead others by saying the xbox one x is as powerful as a highend pc. this is a gaming site so talking about a gaming platform shouldnt bother anyone. claiming to have an i7 8700k with 1080ti but prefering to play on weaker hardware with worse performance is just pathetic. i know some people drive around in neons pretending they are driving a gtr also

Toby_198167d ago (Edited 67d ago )

My PC is pretty similar. The only difference is I got the I7 7700k.

Wasn't the Original Xbox more powerful than the PS2? But PS2 still had more games and exclusives. History is about to repeat itself again. It takes more than just Graphics and Power. You still need good developers to make great games. Two consoles is about to struggle in 2018 no offense. Who will it be Atari,Xbox, Nintendo, or PS4?

The 10th Rider67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

IMO the great thing about the X is that it's not limited to a resolution boost. Games will run better without even getting a patch. Also load times are drastically reduced.

Other than that, you're complaining about having to zoom in 400% to see a difference in pixels and yet you built a $2000 PC? LOL

Kiwi6667d ago (Edited 67d ago )

Hold on don't you have a PS4 yet you said "I don't care for weaker consoles" and then "but preferring to play on weaker hardware with worse performance is just pathetic" so why have a console then if it's weaker than your super duper PC and why can't you just accept that the Xbox X is currently the more powerful console over the PS4P which is what this article is talking about

NoPeace_Walker67d ago

"dont care much for weaker consoles and how they perform because my pc is a lot more powerful"

Like Kiwi said, if you don't care for weaker consoles, then why are you in this article and every XB1X articles to downplay it and defending the weaker PS4 Pro? You are not fooling anyone Pal. LOL

LateNightThirst67d ago

Ignore this troll, he goes on every Xbox One X article and boasts about his God tier PC that he doesn't even own

sd1167d ago

Reading your comment and it seems more to me that you want to drive your point across hard. Is the reason for this the fact that you have spent 2-3 X more on your more powerful hardware and you need to justify the expenditure? My opinion is that you should be ecstatic with MS. By releasing a more powerful console games will be pushed further. This means you are now more likely to get developers optimizing games for your setup. In addition MS now allow all of their games to be playable on a PC, so you are no longer being forced into buying a different system. You should be seeing this as a positive, but for some reason you are not. The new model from MS is great for PC gamers and great for your system.

LastCenturyRob67d ago

Resolution between 1440p and full 4k is difficult to distinguish, but there is still a difference...where the X really shows off is in the higher res textures, better lighting and higher/more stable frame rates. All that combined make a SIGNIFICANT difference even on 1080 displays.

hamburgerhill67d ago


"Wasn't the Original Xbox more powerful than the PS2? But PS2 still had more games and exclusives"

Yes the Xbox was a more powerful machine and also had better looking exclusives. PS2 obviously had a bigger lineup but Xbox games and experiences like Live not possible on PlayStation.

Ju67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

"shows off is in the higher res textures, better lighting and higher/more stable frame rates. " doesn't. All it really does is having a higher pixel count. There is not a single game where the Pro has a lower framerate than the X. Not a single one. And the lighting is debatable. Which game is that? Textures give you a sharper image. And that's about it. And yet, all these "higher res textures" make each and every game bloadware with up to 170GB per game, and yet totally offsetting the load times and making a 1TB drive utterly useless with having actually a minimal impact on a 4K screen. External HDDs are significantly slower and the internal one isn't replaceable...

Bronxs1567d ago

"i wonder if a newer console two years from now will be more powerful than the xbox one x now?"

you never know, microsoft have a history of putting out very powerful consoles. the wii came out after the original xbox and was about on par with the xbox. ps3 came out a year after 360 and despite being more powerful theoretically it was consistently out performed by the 360 on tittle like orange box, bioshock, bayontta, red dead...all multiplats as a general rule.

so you're attempts to downplay the power of a new system and the great performance it's getting (for those after that) make you look petulant.

also just because a new system comes out doens't automatically make it more powerfull the wii u came out after ps3/360 and wasn't a huge upgrade. and you never know what will be in the next cycle, sony and ms may follow nintendo as they did previously and release hybrid consoles which are basically portable ps4's. simmiar to how the switch is a minor upgrade over wii u.

Ben360live67d ago

DF use 4x Zoom to show difference to viewers on 1080p screens. 400% zoom to cater for a quarter of the pixels; get it?? Believe me, on a 4K set the difference IS clear. Check it out for yourself in 4K with ZERO zoom. Argh, Put this zoom argument to bed already!

DiRtY67d ago

What happened to your claims that Xbox One X will not be so powerful, because of the CPU?

Now you are like "but my PC is more powerful!"

Give credit where credit is due.

Cmv3867d ago

Ghost, it was annoying then, its annoying now. I could only see a slight difference in one game, that was mgs. Other than that, looked the same. It was sad then, sad now.

DarXyde67d ago

"its still a lot weaker than my pc with i7 8700k, 32gbs ddr4 ram with a gigabyte 1080ti aorus extreme video card"

An i7, 2.75x the RAM and a 1080ti. Gee, who would've thought that kind of PC can run circles around any console....

Price must've been comparable if we're having this conversation, I'm sure.


UCForce67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

You are not helping, buddy. Even I'm PlayStation Loyalist, but I won't blind by your statement, there are major differences from Xbox One X and PS4 Pro. Like I said before, Xbox one X is more powerful than PS4 Pro.

ABizzel166d ago


The difference was the PS4 was hitting higher resolutions while being $100 cheaper than the original XBO while both consoles launched at the same time. Here the PS4 Pro is $100 less than the XBO-X, and launched a year before it.

The XBOX-X is definitely a good piece of hardware, and the PS4 Pro should have had a $50 price drop this holiday season to combat it.

That being said this article is being completely bias in it's delivery, because the reality is the PS4 Pro games it's comparing to XBO-X are either practically locked at its resolutions, while the XBO-X version can reach up to Native 4K but rarely (in the case of Wolfenstien), of their comparing the 100% resolution boost to the PS4 Pro's lowest possible resolution vs. the XBO-X's highest possible resolution, instead of apple to apple scenes.

The difference can be up to a 100% resolution difference if the PS4 Pro version is locked to 1440p while the XBO-X version is dynamic up to 4K, but the reality is a 100% resolution is not common in the majority of cases, and when both consoles are dynamic resolution the 100% resolution boost does not happen.

PS4 Pro is a 1440p console High -> Medium settings in most AAA games
XBO-X is a dynamic 4K console High -> Ultra settings in most AAA games

killswitchmad66d ago

Actually take a look at Wolfenstein II on the One X it's comparable to the highest settings on PC at 4k, the only thing lower is shadow quality. Microsoft have done an amazing job of removing all the console's bottlenecks which allow it to hit settings above what the hardware would be capable of in a PC

duke74866d ago

Jaguar evolved going on about his imaginary pc again I see.

Going on from his gtr comments I think he's just envious of others success. Bitter little loser cock womble of the highest degree.

TankCrossing66d ago

Wait.... you only have 1 PC?

Like, you don't have one in your home theatre room for epic cinematic gaming experiences, and one on your kick-ass desktop for competitive twitch gaming?

I recommend you buy another PC ASAP. If you can't afford it then you should check out the Xbox One X or PS4 Pro.

houyi11166d ago

Ghost_of_Tsushima, it was stupid before. The difference for me is not that ps4 is much powerful than xbox one, but is that xbox one as a new gen 500$ console cannot even do 1080p 30 fps for most of the games, that is just plain bad. MS deserved all the shit for selling a 100$ more with worse performance, and then pretending to have secret cloud power to make the console 10 times powerful. Now, Xbox one X is a not only a decent but IMO a very very impressed hardware, but at the same time it is supposed to be more powerful when release 1 year later than pro and again 100$ more. Do you know how to make this the same, if pro is released the same time with the X and cost 600$. lol. I bet no one expected xbox one to be a 720-900p console few years back.

MecheSlays66d ago

Your i7 and 1080ti setup is over a thousand dollars and the one x is a 500 dollar console

JaguarEvolved66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

It's ok to be poor and not be able to afford certain things in life and some people shouldn't waste their money either on video games or a proper pc. I know a lot of you fanatical gamers spent over 2k buying Xbox one, years of Xbl, xbox one s, elite controller, more Xbox controllers, more Xbox controllers, then xbox one x then complain that pc costs too much. If you can't afford to be buying cheap video game products I think you should save your money on more important things.

I bought the original xbox one for the exclusive gamed but it is rendered useless now because I've been able to play all the Xbox games on my pc with better performance. I bought a ps4 recently to play gran turismo sport and I can't wait to play the big AAA PlayStation games next year like Spider-Man, God of war 4, ghost of tsushima, days gone, Detroit and some others.

I have all the consoles to play the exclusive games and play superior multiplatform games on my pc. The xbox is useless to me because I can play all the Xbox games on my pc and my pc is a lot more powerful than the Xbox one x.

aconnellan66d ago

Weren't you the guy talking about how the x wouldn't be able to hit what it's currently hitting because of its bottleneck CPU? And now suddenly you're not surprised that it's performing better?

DJStotty66d ago

so much anger for products you dont care for because of your "32gigs of ddr4" lolz

zb1ftw77766d ago

What's incredible is that the XB1X delivers extremely similar results to your PC.

Beast machine !!

NatFanBoyRestricted66d ago

You wanna state the price for that build while your at it? Don't forget your hdr gaming monitor too.

Puertorock7766d ago

@Ghost_of_Tsushima We have to give credit where credit is due and the XB1X is an amazing piece of hardware. But it's not the same as the base PS4 vs base XB1 because both original XB1 and PS4 launched in the same month and PS4 was $100. To have a more powerful console launch at the same time as the competitor and end up $100 cheaper is quite different than a more powerful console launching a year later and it being $100 more expensive.

aawells0766d ago

Lmao such a massive fail of a comment. Oh man this was hilarious to read. All you managed to do is make yourself look silly af. Oh and before you reply back I dont actually care if you agree with me.

S2Killinit66d ago

We are seeing the results in these games and not much separates the Pro version and the xbonX version. Whether thats a 10, 100, 1000% difference, i could care less.

Ju66d ago

How is the Pro a 1440p console when the majority of AAA titles runs somewhere around 1620p...which is around those 40% or above. It runs 1440p if a developer doesn't care and simply recompiles a PS4 game...

DrumBeat66d ago

There's still a lot of people that won't accept it. You're one of them. When this gen began I was all about PS4, the (at the time) more powerful console. Now I'm about Xbox One X. PC is a non-starter for me. People like and celebrate power. Since I love games, I have both brands. The best consoles belonging to each. There's no way I'm playing TLoU Part II on anything less than a Pro.

Babadook766d ago (Edited 66d ago )

"Xbox One X's 40% faster GPU offers 100% resolution boost over PS4 Pro?"

Nope. It's more like a 50% resolution bump. With more dips in fps.

Krysis66d ago

I'm going to go out on a limb and call you a liar, you don't have a gaming PC.

fr0sty66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

It isn't just a 40% GPU boost, but also more and higher bandwidth RAM as well as a higher CPU clock. You can't focus on one part of the system getting an upgrade and say it alone is responsible for performance gains, while ignoring the rest of the system.

UnHoly_One66d ago

Maybe it's just me but I automatically dislike anyone that has to tell me the specs on their PC in an article about consoles.

It's just pointless bragging, and irrelevant to any conversation about a console.

"It can't compare to my PC with 32 5ghz processors, 512 GB of GDDR9 RAM, 8 GeForce 1090s, and a 250 TB SSD. And it runs on Windows 13 and it's all cooled by Liquid Nitrogen and has a Nuclear Fusion battery backup."

That's wonderful for you, thanks for all that info, now please explain why any of us should give a shit when we are talking about Xbox and Playstation?

SierraGuy66d ago

Let them bask in the glory of their jaguar chipset...hahaha...although they are so excited about the resolution boost while being tested the Pro drops less frames in high demand areas on most games which to me is most important in multiplayer.

Silly gameAr66d ago


The difference is one came out a week after the other so almost at the same time. This time, one console came out almost 2 years ago. I can't believe you asked that, and you got so many upvotes. Where's the common sense?

dcbronco66d ago

People that say X isn't a big deal compared to their $1700 dollar PC should never compare any more stuff. It only counts if your PC is more powerful at the same price. Money matters.

dantesparda66d ago

I hate to break it to half of you technically illiterate motherf-ers but everytime a game was 720p on the X1 while 1080p on the PS4, the PS4 had a 125% resolution boost over the X1. while having a only a 40% faster GPU. So this is nothing special and just goes to show just how ignorant people are of of things that have been true for years now. But let all the fanboy stroking continue.

P.S. 1080 is also 44% more pixels than 900p, right inline with the 40% faster PS4 GPU.

Braveheart_NZ66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

LOL and how much did you pay for all that compared to an Xbox One X? And how much do you have to zoom in to see a difference between your gaming PC using a GPU much more expensive by itself, compaired to an Xbox One X. How obvious is the difference when running a 4K textured patched game on it, take for example Forza 7, before you even see a clear difference between your system and an Xbox One X costing so much less, since you are quick to use that same argument regarding a PS4 Pro and an Xbox One X? 1000% zoom on a 100 inch TV? LMAO.

For the price the Xbox One X is a great buy price to performance ratio compared to your 3 to 4 times more expensive PC. For the record I also have a high end gaming PC with a 1080Ti myself but also have an Xbox One X and a PS4 Pro. The Xbox One X is a great device for the money, especially since it also does 4K Blu Ray with full HDR with full Doilby Atmos audio support for movies and games, has HDMI 2.1 ready to go for the new 4K TVs coming either next year or the year after( something your PC does not have. Your 1080Ti only has HDMI 2.0b support) and the Xbox One X also has AMD's updated Freesynce 2.0 ready to go, all onboard.

Try and convince yourself that you have the better deal to justify your purchase but in reality you dont, especially price to performance lol. Check out what positives HDMI 2.1 will have for a device that has support for it( HDMI 2.1 has support for 8K at 60fps and 4K at 120fps and Dynamic HDR). Microsoft included that support for a reason. We obviously wont see 8K on it regardless of HDMI 2.1 support, but faster frame rates on a future 4K game, we might, depending on how demanding the game is. Frame rates will only get much better for the console in the next few years. This is only the start.

MrEnglish66d ago

Jaguar nobody cares about your over expensive masturbation station. Also if you read correctly you would find it was saying can a 40% GPU increase give you a 100% resolution boost over the pro. Age doesn't matter as it's 40%, that number doesn't change

66d ago
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Ceaser985736167d ago

That's great but again doesn't make the Pro look weaker, all i see is Pro is being downplayed like its faaaaar below which is false... X is an impressive hardware no doubt about that...

4Sh0w67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

I hear you....... but the numbers don't lie, not too long ago folks were raving about the differences between 900p and 1080p in multiplats which in terms of pixel count is a much smaller diference, than what we are seeing between the X and ps4pro:

Assassin’s Creed Origins - 44% to 96% resolution boost

Wolfenstein 2 - 100% resolution boost

The Evil Within 2 - 100% resolution boost

Call of Duty WW2 - 50% to 100% resolution boost

-Come on now those are some significantly higher res games in favor of X, especially when many here downplayed X in terms of graphics upgrade over pro constantly with the CPU bottleneck talk.

TFJWM67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

@4show So 44 to 96% and DR barely found it looked any better. I guess checkerboard does its job which is why it's considered "True 4k"....

Ceaser985736167d ago (Edited 67d ago )

4show agreed, X is superior i never disagreed to that, also with beefed up specs games are bound to look better and sharper and they are but most comparison video is zoomed in to see such details and yes! in few cases shadow texture is good but its not HUGE DIFFERENCE which the xbox fanboys are claiming it to be ... HUGE DIFFERENCES are very much visible with our naked eye like PS3 and PS4 games or 360 and XBOX Games...

NoPeace_Walker67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

"That's great but again doesn't make the Pro look weaker, all i see is Pro is being downplayed like its faaaaar below which is false..."

The Pro ran a recent AAA game at 1260p...a massive 180p jump over the 1080p vanilla PS4😂. If that is not evidence enough for weak for a so called 4K upgrade, we need to change the definition of weak.

gamer966d ago

@Caeser agree, but you have to understand the insane amount of articles that were posted regarding 1080p ps4 vs 900p xbox one, so now that the tables have turned we now have to listen to the same number of articles the other way. And in the end nobody is talking about gameplay because it's all about the graphics. And devs are releasing the same old games with refreshed visuals and people are buying it up. I miss the old days when the majority of gaming was gameplay

Ceaser985736166d ago

Peace walker
You know you're a troll and you make no sense... I dount if you even got the X. You claims are all false and you're famous at Downplaying the Pro . but guess what facts dont lie. So troll elsewhere...

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Good-Smurf67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

Not surprised,the beefed up hardware came over a year after the competitor's console,Additional 4GB RAM can do wonders on increased resolution needs.
Same thing happened back in 6th gen with OG XBOX having much better hardware than PS2 also came out with over a year gap in between two consoles.
Leading to most 3rd party titles looked better on XBOX but sold far more on PS2 same will happen months from now with PS4 vs One X.

4Sh0w67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

Sure, but sales aren't going to make the graphics any better on ps4pro. I don't know why you bring that up in a graphics comparison thread. I mean if these comparisons annoy you, maybe skip them but reverting to sales is weaksauce, I mean aren't you guys always saying COD isn't the best game ever made?....but when it's convenient sales are what matters. I try to be consistent though, sales always matter but not at all when referencing higher resolution (highest quality version) between two platforms.

Gotcha567d ago (Edited 67d ago )

Ghost of Tsushima
This douche call himself after a game that it's presentation surrounded by smoke and mirrors...
Your part of the reason i hate coming to N4Ponies. because for ever good Xbox news some Pissy Pony Dr. Evil bent on getting even because they loss the power battle (BoostMode VS BeastMode FTW) or some PC douche bag (for starters steam already busted your ass for a minut number of PC gamers even gaming in 4K) dicking around every Xbox acticles. One thing N4Ponies does have there's a place for PC and PS4 to comment and I suggest you should take your asses there and hibernate until someone come up with something newsworthy. Where you can all come together and socialize because remember kids sharing means caring (sounds gay). You don't see any Nintendo fanboys here trolling why should they with their sucky online and 3rd party support (these guys have never seen a vagina before).

Ceaser985736167d ago (Edited 67d ago )


Calm down Man, at least GHOST OF TSUSHIMA wont get cancelled and will get a release and it does look good from what we have seen and such talents at Sony makes it possible so you can get angry all you wont and throw words which makes no sense , it would be better if you had done the same on Xbox since they need such games and not only depend on third party games or trying to get times exclusives deals...

TankCrossing66d ago

Diablo 3 is another one in the 100% club. And Agents of Mayhem. Looks like Star Wars Battlefront is in that ballpark too.

I knew a lot of people were understating the difference in power when they were comparing teraflops alone (because memory bandwidth makes a huge difference at high resolutions), but I'm not sure anyone expected 2x the performance of the Pro.

And yet the most impressive thing is that it does it all so damn quietly. /Hugs console.

Babadook766d ago (Edited 66d ago )

Your looking at it the wrong way if your coming up with 100% more resolution. You need to compare “average” resolution. Not largest gap. I think average is closer to 50% more pixels. This is similar to Ps4 over xbone but much less noticeable at 4x the pixel density of 1080p.

shuvam0966d ago

It's Bethesda we are talking about...
For all I know, they are fine with not enhancing games on PS at all...
Rest all fall in line with the power difference between the systems...

Pancit_Canton66d ago

Do you need a special fanboy googles with 300% magnification to be able to see the 100% resolution boost?

MattE66d ago

Impressive kit.. and to think the Devs have only had the system to work on since around June ! Games in 2018 will show bigger increases I'm sure.. good times 😄

ProjectVulcan66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

Ghost_of_Tsushima please don't post misleading numbers.

I don't think people understand how dynamic resolution works on console. Where the resolutions hovers the most in gameplay is really taken as the average. High and low bounds could be sustained for split seconds, not really representing the average resolution.

Digital Foundry stated that the most common average resolution for Assassins Creed Origins was the following:

PS4 Pro 2560 x 1440
Xbox One X 'between 1700 and 1800p' (let's take the upper bound, 3200 x 1800)

So for most of the game, Xbox One X has a 55 percent increase.

DF point out that on Wolfenstein 2 the game doesn't actually stick to 4K. They said in general gameplay, they observed an increase of 63 percent for Xbox One X.

The Evil Within 2
PS4 Pro 2240 x 1260
Xbox One X 3200 x 1800

This game does actually exhibit twice the resolution on Xbox One X. This is Bethesda we are talking about here though.

Finally COD WW2 Digital Foundry says: 'The Microsoft platform does render more pixels more of the time, and this primarily manifests by presenting additional detail in the image. It's no game-changer though - things just look a little clearer for most of the time.'

Both machines use a dynamic resolution on COD WW2 without DF nailing down a precise average. It seems that they state Xbox One X is obviously sharper, but not an enormous boost in resolution over PS4 Pro.

CaptainObvious87866d ago (Edited 66d ago )

For once MS was telling the truth.

Can't remember that last time that happened.

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Sciurus_vulgaris67d ago

You don’t just compare GPUs by clock speed.

Ulf67d ago

I agree. The bandwidth and sheer amount of VRAM are big factors, as well. The Xbox One X ability to process a pixel is greater than a simple multiplication of the clock by shader pipelines -- it's ability to feed those pipes is greater, as well.

sarozuc66d ago

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